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the party is taking a stand against a policy that disproportionately affects wealthy people and big corporations.

What about every single other policy that's even tangentially related to affordability that disproportionately affects everyone who isn't wealthy and small businesses?

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Producers would also be able to package multiple products together as long as the package is still under the 30-gram limit, and products inside also meet packaging requirements. The change would mean producers could sell higher quantities of edibles in one outer package.

Hopefully this means I can get something like a 6 pack of drinks.

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I think the number one factor there is real estate. You can't start a farm out of your apartment and restaurants can't easily exist out in the boonies where rent is cheaper.

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Assuming you're talking about a full service retirement home and not just a 55+ building $5000/mo seems like a good deal to me, at least from a BC perspective. You'd be looking at almost $2000 just to rent anywhere, you'd be lucky to have a meal cooked for you for $10, $20 if it's decent quality, that's another $900-1800/month. Once you consider utilities you're pretty close to what a new renter would be paying if they refused to cook for themselves.

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I mean it's worth it for the cool knives alone.

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Let's be real, those of us who can't afford housing can't afford a jacked up F350.

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The thought of an across-the-board regulation based rent cap never crossed my mind, but that actually could be effective and fair. If there was some kind of easy to understand formula based on the unit, potential landlords would easily be able to calculate whether it makes financial sense instead of simply cutting costs and squeezing as much rent out as possible. There wouldn't be an incentive to kick people out (can't jack the rent) but there would be one to keep it maintained/updated since they'd be competing on everything but price. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if my rent went up a bit if it meant my unit would be properly maintained or I had the freedom to move somewhere similar without doubling my rent.

Edit: you could make it more enticing to the current landlords by easing some renter protections, like making it much easier to remove problem tenants

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Yeah, I do think the assisted living industry would be forced to adjust though. It's not like the real estate market in general, if the majority of their potential buyers simply don't have enough money it's not like they can pivot to other demographics or attract wealthy people from outside the country.

If things aren't corrected, it won't be long before a whole generation of new seniors is cash poor with no house to sell.

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It really sounds like the issue there is just another subset of housing (un)affordability.

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I'm looking into the special thanks at the end now, some are definitely more about equipment than locations but it did help.

DP Singh - Cowichan Valley - I believe this is the guy who runs all the Cancos in the area, so maybe the laundromat? Just rewatching again and the white building with a nail salon sign is the backside of the Canco laundromat at Berkey's Corner.

Malibu Motors - Victoria - I should've noticed this the first time, this is the car dealership with their logo all over the parked cars and their giant sign with the lyrics "THE GEN Z EMINEM"

Tire Exchange - Cobble Hill - this place had all the racks of tires

Little Gem Grocery - Victoria - this is the grocery store interior

Brightside Cinema - Vancouver - camera equipment rental

Pacific Northwest Raptors - North Cowichan - this was where they had the bird

The Brazen Fork - Cowichan Bay - as you already mentioned

Michael Heidro - lighting specialist

Prior Castle Inn - Victoria - at least some of the interior shots in the video, everything with the green marble and mirrored ceiling for sure

Days Inn on the Harbour - Victoria - The liquor store you were wondering about is definitely the one built into the back of this hotel

Trinkets & Treasures - this is the store right next to the Brazen Fork, they sit in front of it as well as the white wall with the "ice cream" sign

Darryl Wilson - I think this guy runs or owns the Days Inn

Mike Earle - Someone else to do with Days Inn

I'm also fairly confident the beach is McNeill Bay in Oak Bay, it really looks like the Trial Islands in the background.

Still no idea about the green building or the pink building.

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I clicked on the link before reading your post, so my only context was that it was around Duncan. I recognized the Raptors, Tire Exchange, Brazen Fork (it helped their sign was in it), and I'll admit I guessed the boat was near Ladysmith but Cherry Point would've been a smarter guess since it's right between the last 2 locations. The teal door place feels really familiar but I can't put my finger on it.

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I don't think it would be unreasonable for the rent to increase the normal legal amount every year (2-5%) as it would with most landlords.

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