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My favourite local wine is also the favourite of homeless people, it comes in a carton.

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Yeah, people with a more natural haircut are more ridiculous than dudes with powered wigs and whatever dumb fashion GW and the guys in the 1770s had.

Benjamin Franklin had a skullet/mullet and creampied menopausal women.

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I'm wondering that too

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My guy is hung

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Lucas didn’t realise until after filming that there wasn’t a black actor in the whole movie, which kinda dismayed him and led them to hire James Earl Jones.

The original voice is pretty fun :


David Prowse did the vocal takes seriously too. People may recognise him in Clockwork orange as the writer in the wheelchair's ... bodyguard? Servent?

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Mellody Hobson

holy shit, george is getting with that smoking hot lady? damn

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Why should I get a haircut? He's the one that killed all those people.

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What about when you’re hungover and it’s early in the morning?

Probably Sunn or Sleep

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All those studies being funded by mars to make chocolate seem healthy. it was on last week tonight

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Alex Jones : My wife left me, why aren't the chemicals they put in the water just turning me gay so I can finally be at peace?

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It might probably be "unabe to eat diarrhea" on purpouse

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Slugdge - Crop Killer (slugdge.bandcamp.com)
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Is this how you want to live your lives?

inside the vultures circle

can you feel the talons in your neck?

Only the strong survive you say?

Just pray that prey you don't become

You've got no time for safety nets

There are no alpha wolves

Only those struggling to survive the state of nature

Domestic animals lost without the trappings of their civilization

You like to play armchair eugenicist, militant pessimist

An ivory tower that's built upon

the product of a million labors

Regression to the mean, repression of the weak

fraudulent pyramid scheme of human hierarchy

Do you ever wonder why you've been deprived

the wealth of nations?

do you feel the trickle down your leg?

Preoccupied with war against your own and your own home

How is it you're not already dead?

Another failed experiment

Evidence suggests you will not pass the last great filter

The soldiers won't defend the hive

when the Queen neglects to satisfy the builders

You like to play the devil's advocate, passive and impotent

brood over fallen empires

That were built upon the bones of millions

Narrow minded sanctimonious

self-serving sophistry

Greed governing holiness?

Not in the version I have seen.

You will not see the stars

doomed to the tides

access denied, fated to die

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One day, may you too sit upon the Dopethrone.

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worth it for the Bong Jabbar breaking

I'm back after my about 3 year long T break. (easystarallstars.bandcamp.com)
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we vibin

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Not of this world -> space turtles are in space, thus not on earth, which is this world.

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Connection : 20th of the month.

Bear with me.

According to this : https://allthatsinteresting.com/it-was-a-good-day-actual-date

Today was a good day took place on the 20th of Jan, 1992. 4/20 weds is for the 20th of april 2005, because Fantomas decided to make a calendar album. Both songs are based on the 20th of their respective months.

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Things like "Fiat stands for "Fix It Again Tony"" etc.

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