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Vielleicht hat von euch auch früher jemand Kapiland gespielt. Das ist ein Browsergame so wie zum Beispiel ogame, Travian oder "Die Stämme". Nur gibt es bei Kapiland keine Kämpfe, stattdessen produziert und handelt man verschiedene Güter.

Leider wurde das Nutzerinterface von Kapiland seit mindestens 15 Jahren nicht geupdated, und ist insbesondere nicht smartphonegeeignet. Und die Email-Recovery funktioniert auch nicht. Und ich gehe davon aus, dass es kaum noch jemand spielen wird.

Kennt jemand ein ähnliches Spiel das zumindest auch mit nem mobilen Browser gut spielbar ist? Und in dem vielleicht noch wenigstens hundert Spieler oder so aktiv sind?

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Colours are mostly indistinguishable. I'm not colourblind.

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I didn't read that long post, but creators cannot move to a platform that does not offer some payment for their work.

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Was finden die Nazis eigentlich immer an Russland so toll?

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Forgot the tilde in between

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This one is actually quite good. Albeit I could solve less than half of them, because I don't even know the words in the page title sometimes

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Search for "the backrooms" on YouTube

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Do people outside of tech care?

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The mechanic of spoilage is really cool! It feels very different to current factorio. I look forward to finally be able to play it!

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I see. I hope they make that happen for automatically generated lyrics as well. Seems a no-brainer.

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Take a look at [email protected]

Post and discuss music generated by AI such as suno.com

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I created the community aimusic. However it does not seem to federate to other instances.

Trying to search it from e.g. lemmy.world, mander.xyz or lemmy.dbzer0.com results in nothing. The pages just show errors. Also after a few attempts and using the search function from the respective instances yields nothing.

Did this happen with any other communities recently? Is this temporary and will resolve itself within the next days, or is there some deeper issue?

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Say I am sitting in the shadow, but the sunlight gets reflected by some window pane onto me. Does this contain enough UV light to give me a sunburn?

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