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[-] ShittyBeatlesFCPres 25 points 4 hours ago

I also scan Slack messages and never really read them unless they’re about food in the office kitchen.

[-] ShittyBeatlesFCPres 17 points 4 hours ago

Did they check the dumpsters behind his condo? That’s where he takes all his meals.

[-] ShittyBeatlesFCPres 4 points 21 hours ago

Or a 6502 if you’re talking about tinkering and playing with chips.

[-] ShittyBeatlesFCPres 7 points 21 hours ago

I mostly use AMD for Linux reasons. ARM for my Apple products. (I know I should use Android and I have an Android phone but I constantly break something tinkering and I’ve accepted that about myself. My daily driver phone should be locked down. Everything else, all bets are off.)

[-] ShittyBeatlesFCPres 5 points 21 hours ago* (last edited 21 hours ago)

That a pretty impressive considering the real one had to be made of like 7000 pieces using different suppliers to get every congressional district on board.

[-] ShittyBeatlesFCPres 7 points 22 hours ago* (last edited 22 hours ago)

If anyone is curious, it’s an American thing:

Most bills are vague and give regulatory agencies leeway on how to interpret them. It’s like Congress passes a law that says, “No cookies after 8pm.” and a regulatory agency has to decide what is a cookie and which time zone and how to enforce it. A lot of actual policy happens during the rule making progress (called “reg neg”).

[-] ShittyBeatlesFCPres 10 points 23 hours ago

I worked in politics and have a degree in international affairs so not at all for that. But I got good enough at coding and Linux that it became my career and people tend to trust me on that stuff.

There’s certain fields where everyone thinks they’d be good at it and they’re wrong. Voice acting is probably one. Seems easy but it’s really fucking not. And most people who think they understand politics don’t know basics about how legislative committees work, much less negotiated rulemaking.

[-] ShittyBeatlesFCPres 3 points 23 hours ago

For real. I’m not religious but about the only to make people dislike waking up early on Sunday to go to church more is associating with Congress.

[-] ShittyBeatlesFCPres 3 points 23 hours ago

One time, Walgreens had a charity thing where they sold clown noses and I got one, got a boost from a friend, and put the clown nose on Jefferson Davis.

Everyone who tours Cap. Hill should try it with all the horrible statues in that room.

[-] ShittyBeatlesFCPres 8 points 23 hours ago

I think it’s nuanced. The internet did democratize information and even societies. It allowed communication. Twitter was a key part of the Arab Spring but Facebook was used to spread misinformation during multiple genocides.

Really, when the web was young — “Web 1.0” — it was all decentralized and required some knowledge to use. Then, social media companies created closed networks and governments were able to fight back (or co-opt them). That was “Web 2.0” (which isn’t a technical term). I think it was a huge mistake. “Web 3.0” won’t ever involve the blockchain, which is useless except for naive people. But the concept of decentralized communication platforms is a good idea.

Basically, we need a better version of “Web 1.0” without the VCs, Monopoly money, and NFT horseshit. Give users control of who they follow, break up monopolies, and let censorious governments play whack-a-mole while still being able block harassers and bots.

[-] ShittyBeatlesFCPres 5 points 1 day ago

In fairness, it’s also fucking hard to draw maps in Louisiana. I work with GIS software to create maps sometimes and you basically need at least a gaming desktop to apply high res water layers to maps without your computer getting so hot for so long, it could be used as a Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator on a mission to the outer solar system.

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Columbia University’s student newspaper has an editorial about what transpired.

submitted 2 months ago by ShittyBeatlesFCPres to c/[email protected]

I had to test/fix something at work and I set up a Windows VM because it was a bug specific to Windows users. Once I was done, I thought, “Maybe I should keep this VM for something.” but I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t a game (which probably wouldn’t work well in a VM anyway) or some super specific enterprise software I don’t really use.

I also am more familiar with the Apple ecosystem than the Microsoft one so maybe I’m just oblivious to what’s out there. Does anyone out there dual boot or use a VM for a non-game, non-niche industry Windows exclusive program?

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Waitress: You folks ready?

Dieter: I have lingonberry pancakes.

Kieffer: Lingonberry pancakes.

Franz: Three pigs in blanket.

Woman: [asks for blueberry pancakes in German]

Dieter: [translating] Lingonberry pancakes.

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Lots of people were way more important than history books give them credit for. Do you have a favorite?

Mine are Ibn al-Haytham and Mansa Musa. For very different reasons. Ibn al-Haytham basically invented the scientific method. And Mansa Musa was such a baller that he caused inflation when he visited places.

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I remember Funk and Wagnall’s at A&P but was that universal before we got computers?

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I’ve never worked with major enterprise or government systems where there’s aging mainframes — the type that get parodied for running COBOL. So, I’m completely ignorant, although fascinated. Are they power hogs? Are they wildly cheap to run? Are they even run as they were back in the day?

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I had Midjourney make Stalin the Tankie Engine.

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I’ll be named THIEF soon enough.

The Aristocrats! (
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I found the least efficient way to get to the Linux CLI.

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I ordered a Raspberry Pi 5 so I have a Pi 3 that’s about to be redundant. I haven’t used Pi-Hole so I was thinking it’d be good for that but I’m curious if there’s any downsides for users. Are sites blocked if you dont whitelist them? That sort of thing.

Basically, I’m not worried about me having issues but I’m worried about a maintenance headache if friends and family can’t access things.

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Let the OPECs keep their gasoline.

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This weekend, I watched a 13 year-old play Far Cry 5 and the game just seemed like wave after wave of enemies to shoot or blow up (or hit with a shovel). But he also has the patience of a 13 year-old and has no concept of beating a stealth mission by throwing a rock or waiting for a guard to turn around.

It made me curious: does Far Cry 5 have a hidden “GTA police level” system where violence begets violence? Or is the gameplay always basically a shoot ‘em up like Asteroids?

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