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Ich habe selbe Bedenken, noch dazu kommt das ich über die Jahre vermutlich 5 oder 6 Motive hatte die ich mir vorstellen konnte, jeweils aber später sehr froh gewesen war diese nicht machen lassen zu haben.

Der Anspruch ist wohl zu hoch, soll nicht sein, muss ja auch nicht.

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Vermutlich Kaffeepause, bei den Lohn gönne ich es ihnen.

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I don't click on clickbait i'm absolutely sure it's misleading or wrong.

If someone has a valid point, tone it way down, i don't expect anything serious out of it.

"Why blue isn't a color" isn't something i'm interested in.

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For real though, i already 1/10th the amount of pictures and it takes ages even with GPU

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But only the whole account, or did that change

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I won't watch this clickbait, but forks who succeed the prior are exactly what we call democracy.

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If you care anything for quality it's FLAC, compression ratio will affect the size

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Years of shitposting finally pay off 💪

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Keine Toleranz der Intoleranz.

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Well this was the plan, how many devices featured the SoC?

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Bullshit marketing bingo, if it wasn't destroyed publicly on a big stage, it might have succeeded

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