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KDE and GNOME want to be full suites of software that offer a coherent look and whatnot.

Maybe windows rules will now work properly instead of being buggy and delete themselves…fingers crossed Imho KDE is too big, there are so many cogwheels they miss the opportunity to actually polish each and every aspect.

This release KDE has actually focused on improving and fixing more than just adding features

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X11 vs Wayland meme - i.e. desktop window managers

eye twitch

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both sides would be happy-ish


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Well sure, but I was commenting about the downsides

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Well yeah they're obviously hoping you'd call them cute lol

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It's basically just asking if you think they're cute lol

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It's because of what ctrl+c does in most terminals

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I remember everyone posting about how everything is political

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I guess a downside is having to fiddle with it, allowing stuff you want to get through. Sometimes it blocks stuff you don't want blocked

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Second richest person in the world

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