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But was it drinking raw milk?

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Oh we already know this. There are parts of the genome that, if even slightly changed, cause terrible, terrible things.

Mutations can happen anywhere, but serious mutations (that may affect the basic things a cell needs to do in order to exist) result in cell death and therefore don’t manifest in the population — the population continues on as though the mutation had never existed.

In this way, natural selection conserves some parts of the genome while less essential parts can vary more freely without being deleterious to the organism.

For example, most non-bacteria (including all plants, animals, fungi, protists) have special proteins called histones. Histones are used to package the DNA together and wrap it all up. Cells can’t function at all without a these proteins, and the most important histone proteins evolve so slowly that they’re almost identical between a human and a pea. (Humans and peas shared a common ancestor over half a billion years ago.)

ETA: My molecular biology knowledge is rusty, but IIRC the way DNA is packaged and unpackaged can also reduce or increase the risk of DNA being exposed to potential mutagens. So if it’s wrapped up, it’s harder to access and tamper with

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Baroque music sounds absolutely shit. Composers try to mix in so many different voices that it’s the musical equivalent of a TV panel show where everyone is shouting over one another.

On that note: harpsichords in ensembles are background noise at best and very few people would notice their absence.

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Something tells me it’ll be opened before 2025!

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I don’t understand your point but it seems interesting. Could you rephrase?

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As a fun aside, the Americans and Russians both experimented with this idea during the Cold War. Check out YouTube for some info on the designs

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Ha Upfield commuters are preparing for the inevitable multi-year closure

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And IIRC, the metro lines become privately operated?

Bleak (
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In the 2000s she was in Melbourne and opened up the new royal children’s hospital. She also opened the original royal children’s hospital.

Imagine being so old that the hospital, built when you were an adult, was so old it was no longer fit for purpose. Metaphor!

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I’ve been using AirPods Pro for sleeping and, aside from the low battery tone, they’re amazing for this.

Earbuds don’t cancel noise as well as the over-ear models, but you can keep them in your pocket and use them wherever you are.

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Stranger Planet

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Wait till you get chased by one

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SOLVED: it’s Antitrust! Thanks everyone!

It’s a tech related movie came out probably early 2000s.

Bits I remember:

  • A group of home brew coders watches a webinar of some large software company.
  • One of them gets hired by the company to work on a large project
  • The project is supposed to enable content delivery/streaming while overcoming bandwidth constraints, but they’re stuck in development
  • Main character is working on the project and is making headway but discovers something nefarious might be going on in the company
  • He checks around the place and realises a large mouse sculpture in the company campus playground is actually a hidden satellite
  • Using a computer in the children’s daycare room he uncovers the conspiracy
  • He manages to finish off the project, and the company thinks everything is fine
  • The tech company tests the system and it works perfectly broadcasting everywhere.
  • But the guy uses this test to present a montage of all the evidence of the conspiracy. Also uploads the project source code
  • Company CEO gets arrested or something, everyone lives happily ever after.
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Keen to hear people’s thoughts. Personally I think the SRL will change how Melbourne works in ways current modelling won’t consider. That comes at a high cost, but is it too high?

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Part of me is inclined to say might as well keep going with the games, but then I think sunk cost fallacy.

Does anyone even care about the commonwealth games?

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Train is listed as stopping at MCE but the train’s stopping pattern says not.

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