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They should be scared. They should also be ashamed of themselves for trying to destroy our democracy.

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Is it possible there was a second shooter on the grassy knoll?

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Yeah our county is getting worse. You really stuck it to me! I hope you realize that it's getting worse for you too. Next time a Democrat commits a crime they have a way out of it now. That's not really something I wanted and I don't think you really do either.

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I prefer candidates that don't get shot

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Idk why everyone is assuming this will make him win. He's still a fascist. People who weren't voting for him before aren't going to start now just because he was shot. People don't like him for a reason. If people liked him he wouldn't be shot at lol

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Yes but in general people are less likely to steal if there is a person standing in front of them watching. I'm not even talking about robbery just people stealing a candy bar or whatever. If it's just sitting out with no one around people will take it.

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When you buy the screws they usually come with a drill bit that fits them

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Having no actual person guarding your business is a recipe for theft. If this catches on it will be so much easier to steal from places. I'm ok with this

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To be fair they should just work most of their time from home on zoom and stay in their own states so they can be closer to their constituents. Going to DC is great and necessary but with modern technology they should be way closer to their constituents than they are. That's just my opinion though and what do I know.

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That poor girl. Lost her whole life to some nonsense. So sad. I wish I could do more to stop things like this from happening

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There isn't any alternative stepping up. Who do we rally behind as the replacement? No one?

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