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I don't think that's a complete explanation of inflation. Prices sort of get bidden up. So say everyone wants a car now, but there aren't yet enough of them to go around. Someone will pay more because they value it more, and the seller will always sell to the higher paying customer.

I do think an abundance economy is possible, with everyone working just enough and a more reasonable allocation of the money. In that scenario we need more automation, because a lot of essential (tough, time consuming, underpaid) jobs are done now by people. The ownership of these robots would have to be spread out to everyone. I do think then everyone could be rich, in the sense of having a nice house, household help, food and clothes and fresh water, transportation. As long as society shares in these benefits it will work, yes.

What do you mean about Monaco? Are there no underpaid housekeepers and nannies and other workers there?

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I just wanna say I am sorry that it is near impossible for single dads to adopt kids. I understand the reasoning but want to cry because there are kids who need parents but you can't be the parent to one.

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I made a Tang-a-Rita for a redneck themed party a friend was having and it really was better than it should be.

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Medjool Dates fresh are heavenly.

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We get these fresh here, and wow I agree, these are so sweet and flavorful. Even if they don't look as ripe as the other ones they taste better, you can smell them when you approach the display.

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I suppose I am a basic bitch - Honeycrisp apples, Mission figs (fresh), haas avocados and the wee golden Champagne mangoes are the best IMO.

Oranges, though? Valencia or tangelos are flavorful, the navel oranges are bland nonsense.

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I don't. Or more accurately, I focus on what makes money so we can survive, and dabble in the other interests.

So in your example - become a psychologist, and just stay interested in the other stuff. Travel and learn about archaeology. Read and learn about zoomorphology, learn to draw and do illustrations, sell them as your side hustle. Do cosplay and be critical of the wardrobes in historical dramas. Use your other interests to enrich your life to the extent you can manage to enjoy at a pace you find best. And be mindful, don't always focus on what you can't do, be present in your life, live it.

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I agree with "it depends". Say the bottom is lifted by a lot of good jobs with profit sharing and fewer corporate arrangements where too much of the value is extracted up - that would give us a healthy economy I think.

If everyone just won the lottery at once, I don't think that would do as much. Each dollar would just be worth less, our problem here (US) is inequality not a lack of money.

If most of the world's work could be done by machines and robots, and we all as a country owned those robots, so everyone has everything they need and more while working only a couple hours a week maintaining the robots or keeping statistics, doing logistics, whatever work was left to do? That would get us our Star Trek future I believe. Until the machines and robots robots attain sentience and fight back against their slavery.

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It depends.

If I am anxious or upset, vigorous exercise works best. Exhausting my body settles my mind.

If I am burned out from work but can't relax, a drink on the porch with my husband helps to unwind.

If I cannot sleep, yin yoga is the best. Slow cold yoga with lots of forward folding.

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I had two terrible toddlers, but once they were kids they were cool. Two who I guess will get a midlife crisis, because they never caused trouble as kids or teens. The rest I got when they were teens or older and while not all of them (bio or other) were academic superstars or high performing athletes or anything, they were all reasonable and interesting and diverse people by teenage years.

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My brake lights were "sticky" when I first bought my car, husband noticed while driving behind me and accused me of riding the brake.

My car is a 6 speed manual. I couldn't do that if I tried.

Back to the dealer, they figured it out and fixed it.

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I don't remember my mom being motherly, and asked her about it once. She said "I don't like kids." I said"but you have so many kids!" And her reply?

"Well, I like you all now, I knew you would grow up, kids don't stay kids, they grow into people."

Good on you, live your life on your terms!


The rain lilies are happy, and I am enjoying the rain with a paper plane. So happy the rainy season has arrived at last.

What are y'all drinking?


Well, this was quite a journey but it's good.

I was going to have a margarita with our dinner of chicken and black bean enchiladas, oh no, used almost all the tequila making a batch of margarita and one of Paloma for memorial day. Ok, plug the gap with mezcal, the good one. Measure the juice from my measley lime, nope not enough, juice my last lime, well now it's too much but I don't want to waste it. So a smidge of simple. I'll be damned, it ended up very good but I do think it is because of the good mezcal.

1oz Tequila Ocho claro

1oz Del Maguey Chipicapa

1oz orange liqueur

1.25 oz lime

.25oz simple (1/1)

Ranglum (punchdrink.com)
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Punch has such good articles. Any Germans who can confirm this is a local drink? I've never heard of it. I particularly liked the line:

"The simplest cocktails have the smallest margin for error."

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I am making tepache, and juiced the fruit of the pineapples. This is heavenly, if you don't have the pineapple Amaro a spiced and slightly bitter but not too heavy amaro, like Toscana might work, or Ancho Reyes original but I highly recommend the Heirloom for fruity drinks, it's so good.

2 oz fresh pineapple juice

2 oz bourbon (stronger is better)

1 oz Heirloom Pineapple Amaro

1 oz lime juice


I first mashed the tajin in a mortar and pestle. Wiped the rim of the glass with the squished lime and rolled it in the tajin, put big ice cube in the glass. Then shake everything else together and pour into prepared glass. My pineapple juice is very, very sweet this time, you might need to adjust if you have a more acidic one.


Happy first birthday to Cocktails@lemmy-world!

For June, the challenge is a hot cocktail - either spicy or literally hot. Bring on the heat! Warm yourself if you are in the southern hemisphere, or cool off with a spicy spicy drink if it's summer (it is very much summer here).

No specified ingredient this round, doesn't have to be alcoholic but must contain at least three ingredients, most upvoted wins.

The game! (self.cocktails)
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I was having a cocktail of cognac, apricot liqueur, and lemon juice, and thinking we could have a game. Make a drink using one of the ingredients in the previous drink. So to start - a drink with cognac, apricot liqueur, or lemon juice.

One more rule: don't repeat the chosen ingredient - so Ruaidhrigh brought the lemon juice from the first drink into the amaretto sour - next drink can't use lemon as the one ingredient brought forward.

The Fox River (punchdrink.com)
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I like Punch's "bring back the" series. Readable and interesting, often like this one, new versions of old forgotten drinks. I wouldn't go to the trouble of making peach bitters, and not sure I could handle something so sweet but the flavors seem mighty interesting.


I'm kicking off a long weekend with a paper plane with one oz of cognac added. Perfect.

Has anyone tried Frapin 1270, their entry level congac? I have the namesake perfume and like it a lot, but that doesn't seem like a good enough reason to buy the booze.

Siesta-Paloma (lemmy.world)
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A hybrid.

2oz tequila

2oz fresh grapefruit juice

1 oz fresh lime juice

1/2 oz Campari

1/2 oz simple syrup

Shake all, add 2 oz fizzy water, dirty pour into glass.

Delicious, honestly. Increase the sugar if you want it more Paloma like, or more of the Topo Chico, to make one like like Texas ranch water. Sub mezcal if you really hate Campari, but you may like it in this.


I'm having a bourbon and amaretto sour (inverted Morganthaler recipe, basically). Are you having a Saturday drink?

Riff on Pas de Loup (lemmy.world)
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Not much to look at but tastes good.

1 oz whiskey (bourbon is all I had but I would try with Scotch)

1oz Mezcal

1/2 oz Ancho Reyes

3/4 oz Cynar

1 oz lemon, 1 oz honey syrup

It's quite good, I found the original on Mixel app, it seems they scraped it from Reddit? Original omits the whiskey, halfs the lemon and sweetener. But even with the additions I taste mostly mezcal and Ancho. Bitter in a good way.


I'm just having coffee (moka pot coffee with foamed milk!) and water today, can't relax yet. Considering what to make in the weekend.

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