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These are really bad. I bought the 4 pack and threw 2 of them away unopened. And I'll drink most anything.

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gas station


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This is SPARTA!

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Who's asking for this?

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lmao Elden Ring is already a dumbed down, more accessible version of Dark Souls.

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IKEA is a furniture store. This is not a good comparison.

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I've been a member for 3+ years and literally never bought the hotdog. Why would I go to Costco hungry? That sounds like a good way to buy a bunch of junk I don't really want.

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Okay, but he's trashing it the fastest and for the dumbest reasons.

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Epic game music

Not sure if the wordplay was intentional, but I chuckled a bit. Agreed though, the music was awesome.

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  • Jazz Jackrabbit
  • Descent
  • Need for Speed 2
  • Witchaven 2: Blood Vengeance
  • Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness

These are the games I remember best on our win95 IBM PC. My personal favorite of this era is Hexen: Beyond Heretic but that has been mentioned a few times already.

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Not sure if you're aware but Ford has resumed production of the Ranger, it's just now the same size as the Chevy Colorado: huge.

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I was very interested in the Ford Maverick up until the 2024 model year when the hybrid engine stopped being standard and instead a $2500 upgrade on top of an already significant price hike. That, and the complete inability to find one to buy anyway were what made me give up on the maverick entirely.

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