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Perhaps an official uniform too - maybe white sheets with pointy hoods could work?

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“Now, there’s this one thing that keeps puzzlin’ me, Mr. Godzilla… if your shoe size was 500 like you said it was, and you said you weren’t stompin’ over in New York City in 1998… then who else could have a shoe size of 500 stompin’ all over New York City? Couldn’t have been Mecha-Godzilla, nobody’s seen since him since ‘93.”

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Regarding your point on not being able to be matched up against blocked players:

This is not healthy for a game with matchmaking to allow players direct control over its matching system like this. In a PvP game this would especially be a problem, but it has problems in PvE games as well. In this situation, meta players would just block other non-meta players, effectively lowering the matching pool to two different queues in a single large pool. In this scenario, it would be more efficient for the matchmaking system to just have two separated queues, which brings me to the next point.

I would argue the opposite. Vermintide 2 employs this exact thing and it’s been working pretty well - it actually does punish people who get blocked a lot by other people, and if you’re being blocked by a ton of people, there’s probably more than just “skill issue” and “you’re not running meta” going on. You do get sweaty people who block non-sweaty people, yeah, but it’s not hampering the community of the game in the slightest - and that game is waaaaaay smaller in size than something like Helldivers where you can get blocked by a ton of people and still play with other people due to the sheer size of the playerbase.

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Nah, DDG is arguably worse than Google now with their search results - I just ended up going back to Google after a couple of years of using DDG.

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I’ve been saying this more and more, but ever since 2016, the system has gone away from “vote for who you support” and more towards “vote against what you don’t support” for the presidential elections. We have somehow managed to have a good chunk of the US view these actually really important political processes as nothing more than blind fanaticism for “their team” - and that goes for both Team D and Team R.

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Yeah, but then both OP and The Verge wouldn’t have such a juicy headline for sick internet points and clicks.

It’s more accurate to say “~15,000 Roku users were hacked due to reused passwords”, and reusing passwords is one of the worst things you can do security-wise because if your password got leaked on one website (doesn’t even need to be the full password, just the hash would work), you are now entirely compromised everywhere you reuse that password.

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Unfortunately, a lot of our government is crooked as hell and Trump was basically able to put people that align with him into certain positions, such as two of the supreme justices that oversee very high profile cases such as the one where Trump argued presidents should have immunity from crimes done during presidency.

Then you compound that with the actual literal fascist party that is the Republican party who only care about lining their pockets with money and being ok with corporations running things, and you get the shitshow that is the US today where citizens will actually support a fascist insurrectionist who clearly wants to align himself more with Russia and potentially even China, and says things such as “I will be a dictator for one day” and “the US should pull out of NATO”.

I fear for this country and genuinely am glad I don’t live in the mainland USA - and I wouldn’t be too opposed to having my state go back to being a British Territory if Trump gets elected again.

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What did she say?

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Super Mario Bros: Into The Marioverse?

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Adam Something has an infallible equation that explains all of this kind of stuff: rich asshole + stupid idea with tons of nice CGI renders = dumb shit

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I never tip if I’m picking up takeout food, but I will always tip if I’m eating in or if I’m getting it delivered to me.

I wish tipping was not a thing in the States, I’d rather pay more upfront and not have to tip :V

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Picking my nose, then eating the booger.

I am in my 30s.

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