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Yeah, I take them as conclusions, summaries, wrap-ups, basically like "Goodbye" or "Well, I'll be seeing you", "It was nice talking to you", "Welp, time to get back to work", maybe something more personal like "I'll see you in an hour at lunch".

The decision may have already been made to stop / pause for now, but the former (OP) statements themselves do not cause that anymore than the ones I mentioned here.

short circuit cognitive dissonance…

Omg I'm literally dying here - except you know what, I'm actually not? I'm saying that it seems overly dramatic language to me. Like someone who heard those words somewhere and thought they sounded cool, without knowing what they even mean...:-P 😎

Though tbf they probably could be used for that purpose sometimes too, yet that doesn't mean that is what they are "meant for"?

Maybe I'm just too old to get it.

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Seems fishy

Not anymore...

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There are so many things pointing towards ditching QWERTY - WFH jobs, mobile devices, portable keyboards, even virtual projected keyboards rather than physical ones.

On the other hand, laptops are a bottleneck - even if nobody else uses your personal one but you, they still have to make one with a nonstandard layout (will e.g. Apple ever do that?) - and just bc newer, younger people learning how to use computers for the first time could choose a different layout, doesn't mean that many will (I mean at the mainstream level).

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His words earlier that day:

Oh, ah, ah, ah, ah Oh, ah, ah, ah, ah oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

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Beauty != Taste

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Someone writing a wall of text when it is not asked for or appreciated may be being insensitive to their audience. On the other hand, I've literally had people ask for it and then someone else steps in to complain, so definitely there are Karens who feel entitled to whinge no matter what you do. Just settle in your own mind whether you are doing the right thing, and let being correct remain your guide as to what to do.

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I AM pulling UP, but this is a Boeing, and every time I aim UP we somehow end up going DOWN!?!?

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Ironically, blue shirt here is showing that off in reverse: refusing to do due diligence, simply ghosting red shirt with no explanation whatsoever, against the explicit advice of green shirt. Anyone who ghosts may even be doing other people a favor to warn them to stay away from their own toxicity.

Irl caveats may apply ofc - e.g. definitely get far away from an abusive relationship and if need be enter witness protection type of scenarios, but here we are talking more casual circumstances.

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should be, ftfy :-(

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I am not the person you replied to but I wanted to echo and extend their statement: you may need to come to terms with the fact that you might not have the capability to help your friend, and it's even possible that nobody does, unless and until they become receptive to that kind of aid.

I am not saying to do nothing, but do be aware of that, e.g. if you give them money and they gamble it away, will you just keep giving them money until neither of you has any at all? And then repeat for every single one of your friends as well?

Decide what you can do and what you cannot. In any case you may not be able to "save" him - that is something that as an adult he needs to do for himself, and may resent you for even trying?

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