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That's interesting to know, thanks! Most coffee shops where I live would probably never get busy enough to use a spare shot. Perhaps they change out to a single shot portafilter, but I've never noticed.

[-] [email protected] 6 points 5 months ago

Follow-up question - each portafilter is two shots right? So if you end up adding an third shot to a coffee, what do you do with the leftover fourth one?

(Or do you have a smaller, single shot portafilter?)

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Ahh thanks. I think Pawb would be a good alternative then. I might set up an account as a backup option, just in case my instance does suddenly go offline.

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Just remind me on this - if an instance like lemmy.ml has defederated yiffit, and I create an account on yiffit, would I still be able to see/interact with posts from on lemmy.ml communities? Or does it affect communication both ways?

Ah thanks for confirming that the upload issue is more widespread. I still may consider migrating anyway, as the owner of my current instance has gone awol, which doesn't bode well...

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So there's a possibility the instance I use will go offline. I've never had to think about this until now, but I want to choose a new instance and I'm wondering how this will affect things.

Certain instances have defederated from furry instances right? If I create an account on pawb.social for example, will I lose access to any particular communities? Is that a stable server running the latest version of Lemmy?

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I'm unsure where this problem originates, but my guess would be the instance as it's consistent no matter where I try to post (local or external communities).

Whenever I try to attach an image to a post, I'm getting the following error:

{"data":{"msg":"Error in DB","files":null},"state":"success"}

Does anyone more knowledgeable about these sort of things have any clue what that's about?

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Yes that's true! I find that games like that have their own sort of niche, in which players usually know quite a lot about the game (from watching others play it online) before jumping in. And there's an expectation that they'll refer to the wiki regularly. These kind of games can't have a tutorial that covers everything, because there's way too much to cover.

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A fascinating summary of every type of plant, organised by evolutionary links

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This is a weird one for me because it often depends on whether I paid for the game. I got the first Fallout game for free (from GOG or something), and when I inevitably became confused by the UI and objective I ended up giving up on it. If I'd bought the game (either today or back when it came out) I definitely would have invested a lot more time into it, and got past that initial hump. Back when PC games came on disc with an instruction guide, reading that was part of the experience. There's definitely a awkward period around the early 2000s when games were becoming way more complex, but before in-game tutorials were regularly a thing. I find it hard to go back to a lot of those games.

Likewise I played the first hour of Resident Evil HD on my PS4 (free with PS+) and never had the motivation to get into it. After paying for it in a Humble Bundle, I played through the whole thing on Steam and loved it! The fact that I'd paid for it was able to outweigh the fact that the game was quite outdated. I guess I felt like I wanted to get my money's worth.

Any game from 2005-ish onwards feels 'modern' enough that I don't usually have this problem.

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Glad you enjoyed it! It was a really interesting heist type novel with some great world building. Cool how it basically started its own 'cyberpunk' genre.

[-] [email protected] 1 points 5 months ago

I've read Project Hail Mary - that was great fun, and went to interesting places I wasn't expecting.

11/22/63 is one I've been wanting to read. Will definitely do so at some point next year!

What did you think of Neuromancer? I finished that not too long ago.

[-] [email protected] 4 points 5 months ago

Wow that's a lot! Do you have any particular favourites of the ones you read?

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Looking at a microphone under an electron microscope to discover how it works

[-] [email protected] 26 points 6 months ago


[-] [email protected] 4 points 6 months ago

Very good point! Maybe they've built a dungeon out of caramelised sugar...

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After several months I've eventually finished this game. I've played other 'mixed-genre' visual novels before (Danganronpa, Persona and Ace Attorney for example) and generally enjoyed them. And yes, I did find 13 Sentinels interesting and fun to play for the most part. I'd definitely recommend trying it.

However I think the way the story was presented made an already complex story unnecessarily confusing at points. For context, the story is told from the perspectives of 13 separate protagonists, in short chunks. Because of the way you unlock different sections of the story (either by getting to a certain part with one character, or making progress in the battle mode), you'll be shifting through each of the individual stories constantly.

In some ways this is a neat way to tell the story and keep things mysterious, but when there are so many characters with branching storylines it becomes a lot! Granted, it probably didn't help that it took me several months to get through it - that was mainly the result of the battle mode feeling like a chore to play at points.

Despite all this I did really like where the story went, and it mostly makes sense after one playthrough.

Some aspects of the story that I'm still unclear on:

spoilerThe whole deal with the multiple versions of Morimura/Iora/Chihiro. Morimura was a previous version of Iora from a previous loop? And she wanted to implant her memories onto Iota?

spoilerSimilarly, Ida's story. Amiguchi is another version of him?

spoilerWhy was Chihiro trying to force another loop? She wanted to be the one in control somehow? And similarly, why was this the final possible loop?

If you like visual novels, confusing anime storylines and science fiction you'll probably enjoy this game. Visually it's very impressive with some beautiful animation on the characters and painterly backgrounds. The voice acting and music is excellent, perfecting fitting with the tone of the game. It's likely not for everyone, but if you're willing to accept its shortcomings it is worth playing for the fascinating story alone.

submitted 6 months ago by [email protected] to c/voyagerapp

So this isn't a major thing, but I've blocked some bots (e.g. ones that provide an alternative video link on every YouTube post), and whenever I see a post like this, it still shows 1 comment. So I go in, and there's nothing there. Obviously it's still counting the blocked account commenting within this total.

In order to see what people are actually commenting on, is it possible to have the option to adjust this total to ignore blocked accounts?

Fantastic (feddit.uk)
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It's been a while since I was taught Chemistry, but I was reading something the other day and I couldn't quite get my head around the concept.

So the periodic table shows elements with their atomic numbers (protons) and atomic weight (protons + neutrons). Isotopes have different numbers of neutrons, like carbon-12 and carbon-13 which I believe would have 6 and 7 neurons respectively.

So why is carbon-12 the 'default' option, shown on the periodic table? Is it to do with which version of carbon is the most common? I don't understand how we decide what makes up the pure version of an element/ it's atomic weight as shown on the periodic table

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Really well produced video about the effects of pressure on different elements

Breach (feddit.uk)
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I understand that the Romans were unable to conquer Scotland so they build Hadrian's Wall (which explains the survival of older cultures there). But as far as I know they occupied Wales and Cornwall, so how is it that the Celtic culture (language etc.) survived in those places?

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