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I think so much about it is awesome (visuals, design of ships and sets, music, etc.) but maybe due to lack of repeated exposure to the movies as a child I don't feel much about them. The modern movies were especially meh, since they all feel like they are trying to recapture the feeling of people who saw the originals in the cinema in the late 70s and 80s, but without doing anything new. I did quite enjoy the Fallen Order game and will probably play the follow up at some point too though.

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Needs a 2x2 sticker added to the back to show how many parking spaces he occupies.

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I thought they were bankrupt years ago, but actually I walked past a large building with their logo on just the other day and wondered what the hell was going on.

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The ability to have sex in the dream is another $80 / month The ability to choose your sexual partner is $30 / encounter Flying is VIP only ($200 / month tier) VIP does not include sex dreams, which must be purchased separately with a $10 discount for VIP subscribers!

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Dude, you misspelled "burn"

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You think it will get better if you just ignore it? You think it will be better if Trump is back in Power?

Sadly it seems that American democracy is voting for the lesser of two evils, but if you don't vote at all you will be stuck with the worse of two evils for a long time, and I am worried about the consequences of that for both America and the rest of the world.

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Please vote Not Trump again. I can't deal with another 5 years of seeing that twat in the headlines unless he is having his fraudulent businesses dismantled and being sent to jail in those headlines.

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Fuck Putin, the warmongering cunt. I hope Ukraine continues to get Western support and can kick Russia out of their country, however slim the chances might be looking right now. Russia extending its influence and things gradually going back to business as usual, only for them to do it again in another 10 years won't be good for any Western democracies.

Haven't really been following the Israel/Palestine thing much to be honest, but it would be nice if people would stop killing one another. Also really sucks that it benefits Putin.

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I uninstalled it because of this bug. Just kept occurring again and again on two separate phones to the point it was totally useless. I hope they fix it.

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I think there is a sweet spot when the cereal has absorbed a bit of milk and softened, but still has a little crunch, and the milk has absorbed some flavour from the cereal. However, if you leave it too long, you'll end up with a soggy mass, which is shit. It also depends on the cereal a bit. I think nice muesli or granola usually needs a bit more softening than a lighter cereal like corn flakes or coco pops, but the latter do benefit from turning the milk sweet or chocolatey when left to soak.

Of course, like everything else in this world, we are destined to fight over it as if there are only two choices; maximum soggy and maximum crunchy.

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Interesting. I'll have to ask someone about it. To be honest I just reacted with a rant immediately without reading the terms. I should check the terms next time.

Why is this OK? (lemmy.world)
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Bit of a rant here, but I am currently subscribed to a game development related Patreon because I wanted to follow the development of a project that was interesting to me. The reason I covered the name is that the developer is doing a fantastic job with the project, posting regularly and providing interesting and informative posts, but the main advantage of Patreon is simply that he also provides builds which I was interested in checking out.

Patreon rebilled at the beginning of the month and I thought "Fine I guess, but I don't really want to pay $6 a month to get test builds of this game" and tried to cancel, assuming it would simply not rebill next month, but instead of cancelling rebilling, Patreon says I will immediately lose access to everything I can currently see on Patreon and new posts for this month, even though it billed me for this month literally three days ago.

There is no technical reason they can't just cancel rebilling and allow me to access this subscription until the end of the month, but they are clearly hoping I'll be scared to lose access to what I've paid for and will forget about cancelling later in the month, which would be the better time to do it, since I would benefit from access to more posts and development builds. There are a few other subscriptions I've used in the past that remove access to everything the instant you cancel, but even Amazon lets me continue free trials of Prime until the end of the trial period when I cancel it.

There are presumably no laws against this, or it was mentioned in some legal bullshit I ignored when signing up, but I do think that there should be a law that forces providers of subscription services to allow users to access their subscription for the entire period for which they have paid, regardless of whether they cancel their subscription if no refund is due.

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Yeah, it's probably best for most users, but I just personally prefer to treat them separately so I know what I'm dealing with.

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Basically every laptop I've owned I've had to disable sleep when the lid is closed as I often leave them plugged in and want background tasks like downloads or updates to be able to run while I'm not using the machine. However, I don't think PC laptops have a way to switch to a super low power state and just run background tasks like downloads, alarms and notifications or running scheduled tasks without just being left on in regular power mode. Why is this not just a default feature of laptops, given that phones and tablets have been doing this kind of thing for the last decade or more?

Does anyone know if there are plans to make power management for laptops allow for running certain tasks in Windows or Linux in the future? My smug Apple using friend tells me his Macbook already does this, but is the lack of this feature on PCs software related or something innate to x86 vs ARM architecture?

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I recently released a new single-player episode for Quake called Deathmatch Dimension. It contains ten maps of classic Quake goodness, inspired by the deathmatch maps that shipped with the original game. Each map has been lovingly rebuilt from the ground up for intense combat with Quake's familiar bestiary, and can be played as a full episode in sequence, or by starting with the shotgun for an extra challenge.

All maps support single-player, coop and deathmatch, and a standard playthrough is probably around two hours long.


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