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Not really a problem with UDP itself, but with some very old protocols like DNS that rely on UDP but can’t be changed because of compatibility. If you’re writing a new service that uses UDP, there’s nothing stopping you from designing it so that it doesn’t provide an opportunity for bandwidth amplification.

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Not quite; movie’s only 35 years old. First colonoscopy is recommended at age 45.

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I find it ironic that Linus’s explanation for ENOENT being invalid for an ioctl given its meaning of “No such file or directory”, while simultaneously ioctl can return ENOTTY when using a mismatched device fd despite the error meaning “Not a typewriter.”

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The fact that most universities will graduate CS majors without ever teaching them how to use a debugger, build system, or version control system shows how useful they are to actual engineering work.

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Right? Most of the time when I build linux I’m not using GNU because of its burdensome license. Realistically you usually don’t need most of the binaries anyway, and those you do like echo and ls are trivial to reimplement, at least for their common functionality.

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Honestly by the time I decide to retire an old machine, it’s because I’ve developed so much animosity towards it that I’m much more likely to have an attitude of “good riddance” than “farewell old friend”.

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we evolved to be capable of thriving on a wide variety of diets

”An omnivore is an animal that has the ability to eat and survive on both plant and animal matter.” - Wikipedia

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future generations will look back on eating meat as a barbaric mistake

Primates, including humans, evolved to be omnivorous. In the 200,000 year history of the homo sapiens species, only the most recent 3% have had the benefit of agriculture. Even then, only 0.1% have had the benefit of the industrial revolution which could in theory provide enough calories and nutrients for all humans with a purely herbivorous diet.

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synchronous gig

I think you mean “symmetrical”

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I don't understand how this is getting approved.

Because you get promoted for changing things, not for keeping things the same. Almost every change like this is motivated by someone trying to get promoted.

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I prefer A Sale of Two Titties

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lawbreaking while driving is widespread on American streets to a level so extreme…

Is this not the case everywhere? If anything, speeding, distracted driving, and running stop signs / ignoring traffic signals is much more common in other parts of the world.

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Apparently “nowdays” isn’t a word.

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fight me (lemmy.world)
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After working with linux drivers for far too long, I’ve developed some strong opinions on the so-called “APIs” they implement.

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Seattle area, about 30 feet up in a tree. A few small dark flying insects were buzzing around it but I couldn’t see them clearly.

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I know that heating wet filament in the oven is the best way to dry it, and that desiccant is typically used to keep filament dry, but will it also eventually dry a spool that has been sitting out in a humid environment? If so, how long would this typically take?

For example, I have a 1kg spool of tightly-wound PLA sitting out at 55% RH for months. If I put it in an airtight container with sufficient desiccant, will it eventually become dried? And how long would it take?

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