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That is some masterclass alliteration.

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It sounds like the biggest growth is in bisexual identification, up to 30% of Gen Z women.

My uneducated guess is that older adults with bisexual tendencies had the option of just convincing themselves they were straight, while gay older adults didn’t really have that option.

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so why does it look like a bunch of decapitated naked people?

Today Calvin learned about British imperialism.

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I’m personally a fan of his new site for twitter media: xvideos.

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Thomas is refusing to say whether he paid the $264k loan on his RV or whether his rich buddy gave it to him for free. If it was the latter, he should be paying taxes on it, which means a Supreme Court justice may be involved in felony tax evasion.

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As someone who loves super spicy foods:

Heat doesn’t alter flavor. Capsaicin itself is flavorless, so if you just take a food and add capsaicin extract, it’ll increase the heat without changing flavor.

However, IMO there’s no point in doing that unless you’re trying to win a challenge. Most of us get capsaicin from peppers, and each pepper has a unique flavor that can add a lot of nuance to a dish.

Plus, I enjoy the heat sensation and am highly tolerant, so I can eat high heat foods and enjoy them. I would not recommend a spice-naive person start out on super hots.

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From what I call answering similar test questions in Algebra 1:

The questions assume a straight line, constant velocity, and give you the distance. What’s tested is the ability to make an algebraic equation for each train representing how far each will have traveled over a given time period, and typically find the time that they will intersect.

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I think in this case the joke would have been better with “This is a crescent wrench” as the punchline.

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“But to the left... he's a young white man, so it's worth destroying his life."

I had to scroll back up, because I thought he’d been kicked out of the university. Nope, he was just kicked out of the frat. Oh no, he might have to stay in a dorm or apartment, it’s the end of the world!

"And they're trying to destroy the rise of the frat boys," he added.

Um… good? Why would I care about frat boys? My university didn’t even have frats, and I somehow managed to graduate anyway.

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That’s what the article is about. Because race itself is not real (it’s a social construct humans made up,) race is working as a proxy in these situations. The push is to find the actual, objective factors that this subjective category is a proxy for, and then make decisions based on those objective things rather than using a proxy.

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They do. It concentrates conservatives, which helps a declining political party stay relevant.

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Here you go, bud.

If you’re over 12 years old you probably won’t last more than a minute.

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