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Maybe uh...more recent, ancestors?

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Keep doing that for 200,000 years and you end up with a nuclear war

Dammit, Ghandi! EVERY. TIME!

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It has nothing to do with fun, they just want the carrot being dangled in front of their nose.

This might explain the marketing that seemed to start with mobile games and now infects AAA MP titles:


Like...a newcomer would have zero idea what the heck they're even talking about but somehow it seems to work, to entice players with worthless free...server database adjustments?

Hardly any focus is on the games being unique or exciting (Surprise, they aren't!) It's all about a reward-based impulse, like training a bunch of rodents to use a casino.

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In an alternate timeline Fireworks MX went open source and people might use one or the other but everyone's happy. Lol

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if they changed the workflow to be like Photoshop, it would leave those of us who know how to use Gimp but not Photoshop high and dry

That's a VERY good point. I think a good example would be how Blender has evolved in the last decade or so.

It started out very "in-house" and unconventional, but it had very specific UX principles in mind rather than just aping "ThE iNdUsTrY". Coming from learning 3D MAX to OG pre-3.5 Blender was really difficult. Right-click select?!

But like Blender, I feel like GIMP could benefit from having easily adjustable settings that could line up with what a particular user finds intuitive. Certain layer behavior seems to be the big one here. The settings are there, they're just awkwardly small buttons or buried in menus.

(Adding the universal transform tool was a VERY nice jump in the right direction.)

Blender's UI / UX overhaul caused a bit of screeching, but overall was instrumental in balancing accessibility with familiarity to existing users. It made those options very accessible and modular.

For instance, I always use left-click-select, but I use the "Blender way" for everything else. If someone's coming from Maya? There's the "industry standard keymap" for them.

Sorry for the ramble. LOL

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WW2 again, I don't mind learning the era but I've relearned the same thing over and over again

When your history class is written by the same folks responsible for the History Channel circa ~2002-2010.

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Dang, I was really hoping this would be one of those stories that goes like:

"How long will that take?"

"It's a lot of data...like a month?" (But I actually wrote a Python script that compiles and formats it perfectly in like 5 minutes.)

"You're such a hard worker!"

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That's the part that makes everybody nervous though. Everything from the global dragnet surveillance network to the marketing company behind your grocery store app is most interested in "metadata."

Companies like Microsoft will loudly say they don't want your cat pictures and memes and college papers, they're not tying your usage to an explicit file with your name and favorite pasta varieties...

...BUT that forced transmission of "anonymous user data", could potentially be super effective in identifying and manipulating you. With enough of it, you can easily put together a profile of an individual.

Heck, for a while, TOR would advise against resizing your brower window because the window size in pixels could potentially help fingerprint you on the web. How nuts is that?!

Most people actually worried about a spook digging through "\videos\Homework\" are indeed paranoid.

But there's been a lot of research at what can be done even if you're just "userID 1284hdkfuw724bfiueb"

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Hint for KDE folks: Ctrl + h toggles hidden visibility. Makes navigating lots easier. :D

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SO MUCH. Now my standard procedure is to just make a "_My_Documents" folder within Documents, so I can know where the files are that I put there myself.

(Leading underscore pops it to the top of the list alphabetically)

I remember some Windows versions had a Games folder for all that, saved games, etc...but it seems very few games actually decided to use it lol.

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LOL whoooops. That'll teach me to actually read links once in a while. But hey, we can be distant neighbors hahaha.

You're right though, plenty to go around. If we could all root out corruption starting in our own neighborhoods, they'd have nowhere to run. :)

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That was funny. I got it. XD 🔼 🫡

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The Hated One has been pretty solid in the past regarding privacy/security, imho. I found this video of his rather enlightening and concerning.

  • LLMs and their training consume a LOT of power, which consumes a lot of water.
  • Power generation and data centers also consume a lot of water.
  • We don't have a lot of fresh water on this planet.
  • Big Tech and other megacorps are already trying to push for privatizing water as it becomes more scarce for humans and agriculture.

---personal opinion---

This is why I personally think federated computing like Lemmy or PeerTube to be the only logical way forward. Spreading out the internet across infrastructure nodes that can be cooled by fans in smaller data centers or even home server labs is much more efficient than monstrous, monolithic datacenters that are stealing all our H2O.

Of course, then the 'Net would be back to serving humanity instead of stock-serving megacultists. . .

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