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Well you dont need a smartphone for that. Plenty of "dumb phones" and senior citizens phones on the market to use for that purpose. Or hell, un-dust the old Nokia.

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Thanks to you too! I see you in a lot of communities lol

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Competition between species played a major role in the rise and fall of #hominins – and produced a “bizarre” evolutionary pattern for the #Homo lineage – according to a new University of Cambridge study that revises the start and end dates for many of our early ancestors.

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Over 50 people have voted in your poll and this Post currently sits at +2 upvoted/downvoted Ratio according to my app. Is there something weird going on with Lemmy, are people downvoting for some reason or do some people simply not up-/downvote at all?

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OT: Deutsche Städte be called "Waren an der Müritz"

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Good for Sauber! 👏

[-] [email protected] 2 points 2 days ago

And apparently no one in the media pit has an idea why. My local TV Station just "tasked" Bernd Mayländer with asking race control about it :D

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Ah, I was about to say that Marta was originally announced to drive for Prema which is confusing.. so it's the same owner for both Brands? Weird decision but ok

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Same here. It might be that the overall number of Lemmy users may be shrinking, but some of the communities I'm in are getting to a more sustainable level of activeness compared to automn.

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This. Viele Leute betonen jetzt, wie cannabisophob(?) die CSU ist, aber ich glaub der Hauptgrund ist wirklich weil man das halt bislang als Repressionsmaßnahme genutzt hat...

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Was about to say this, no way these memes are 10 years old. Even feels wrong regarding Doge tbh

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Sorry for the dumb question, but what is that pokemon-akin creature on Zhou's shoulder?

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I didn't expect that (files.catbox.moe)
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::: spoiler :::

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Dave Bautista and Eric Nam are set to headline the voice cast for the upcoming “Avatar: The Last Airbender” movie in development at Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Studios. The film’s working title is “Aang: The Last Airbender.” The news was announced during Paramount’s slate presentation at CinemaCon.

Joining Bautista and Nam in the voice cast are Dionne Quan, Jessica Matten and Roman Zaragoza. Plot details for the film remain under wraps. Bautista will voice a villain character. The new “Avatar” animated film is set for release on Oct. 10, 2025 from Paramount.

Lauren Montgomery, who worked on the original “Avatar: The Last Airbender” series, is directing the project, with original series creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko executive producing alongside Eric Coleman. William Mata is co-directing.

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Multiple people claim to have received an automated email from the official paradox forums this evening.

Apparently a post was made to the forums that triggered this e-mail, announcing a refund of the Beach Properties DLC: Screenshots of the email

It was made by the official paradox account used for other announcements (as verified by checking the profile url in the email). The post was made private almost immediately because upon clicking the View This Thread button they couldn’t access it.

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Ein neuer Report reagiert auf Problemfälle in England. Ein österreichischer Experte warnt vor verkürzten Darstellungen und einer fehlgeleiteten Debatte

Sehr informativer und interessanter Artikel, gute Einordnung falls jemand auch so wie ich bislang nur kurz die englische Berichterstattung gesehen hat..

Plus Erklärung, was im deutschsprachigen Raum anders als in England läuft

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