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[-] Maalus 2 points 13 minutes ago

It's literally in the post. Not even in the article, it's in the synopsis. Why didn't you read that before commenting?

[-] Maalus 1 points 58 minutes ago

Uh huh, totally not ranting. Completely not what you are doing. Good thing there is a blocklist so I don't need to see your shit takes anymore

[-] Maalus 1 points 12 hours ago* (last edited 12 hours ago)

I am not agreeing with you, so you can shove your "exactly" where it belongs. Keep ranting all you want, it doesn't make what you say true.

[-] Maalus 1 points 12 hours ago

I mean, okay, people can claim that every fps is just Doom with extra steps, doesn't make the distinction irrellevant though. Mobas are their own thing, they aren't called RTS anymore. Same with hero shooters. Tf2 isn't a hero shooter.

[-] Maalus 2 points 23 hours ago

Or it's a toddler. Which most people draw as "smaller adult" when asked to draw stick people.

[-] Maalus 2 points 23 hours ago
[-] Maalus 27 points 23 hours ago

Nah. TF2 is a shooter with 9 classes. People can double up on "soldier" for instance. A hero shooter has for one, a lot more classes / heroes (which comes from MOBAs), for two activated abilities on each hero which change the games significantly, and usually disables doubling up in competetive modes. You wouldn't call Enemy Territory a hero shooter for instance.

[-] Maalus 4 points 1 day ago

No, nobody gives a shit about "brits setting up maps". All you want to do is distract from the real matter - Israel is commiting a genocide now that needs to stop immediately.

[-] Maalus 69 points 1 day ago

Sheep see the dog as part of the herd, since it's a guard dog. The reaction seems natural, basically a sheep comforting a "sheep" after a traumatic situation. Don't ask the sheep why the "sheep" was able to fight off two wolves tho :d

[-] Maalus 8 points 1 day ago

Okay, who gives a shit. Right now there is a genocide happening, after a century of oppression. This is not the time for "whataboutism", this is the time to end the genocide, blockades, etc.

[-] Maalus 1 points 1 day ago

Okay, whatever, you liked them. The reality of it was - it was a spammy bot that wasn't useful, funny or neccessary.

[-] Maalus 1 points 1 day ago

I mean, yeah, no shit, if Russia goes home and gets out of every occupied territory and returns them to Ukraine, then the war is over and I am 100% for that. If you think the Palestinians are "the aggressors" then you don't know the history of Palestine at all.

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