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I'm really surprised by that. The last guy I worked with made such a big deal about putting up temporary guards. I think he just wanted to get in another hour or so of work.

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Apple DOS Edit: Apple ProDOS
First Linux, I'm not sure anymore. Whatever was prevalent in the mid 2000s.

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Same here. It upsets me. I hate the meta brand so much.

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I liked the idea of Aptera and then Elios motors and now Aptera again, but these small companies just don't get enough attention/investment.

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I do not remember. It may have been a colloquialism.

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It's it not just referencing the wild things people say in their sleep?

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An incredible oversight. How can he recover from this?

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High Density High Explosive

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Same I think. We called some of them HDHE, but I imagine that's the same as dual purpose. I found them all to be a lot of fun. HE rounds are impressive.

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Have you ever fired a buckshot or flechette round though? I imagine they're completely different from the explosive rounds.

SkyCat (lemmy.world)
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He prefers deep in the woods, but will settle for the bushes on weekdays.

Shadowfax (lemmy.world)
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A Mearas, Lord of all Horses

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I purchased an e-bike which was advertised as just needing the batteries replaced. The li-ion batteries had been sitting dead for months. Once I got the battery removed it was clear that was not the case. You can see the hole where the plastic melted from this component overheating on the board. The burnt one is the same as those in the center of this photo.

What is it and how do I determine the correct replacement?

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