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Fart for the position you want, not the position you have.

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"my source is that I made it the fuck up"

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does that cost extra?

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sounds like an idea for a "what if" scenario. I know just the author to pitch this to...

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Track width accurate.

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I am not falling for that stupid trick again. Everyone knows planes don't use blinker fluid because that would freeze during flight, they use plasma.

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"creation of a unified reich"

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I could have sworn you received an oscar for your performance in the 2018 masterpiece "The Hardening", but I guess my memory has played me.

I consider this my "Mandela-Effect" moment.

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Hello Academy Award winning character actress Margot Robbie.

Have you forgotten that you were not only nominated, but also won in the past?

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That's an insult to beautiful cunts around the world

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Due to the ammount of content, only the main game is linked to the steam page.

  • Tiers do not contain individual keys for the addons, you get one key per tier which includes all content of that tier.
  • DLC from previous TSW releases (TSW 2&3) will carry over to TSW4 (it is essentially the same game)
  • Simultaneously, most - if not all - DLC included in this bundle will carry over to the previous titles, too.

Tier 1 $5:
Train Sim World® 4
Antelope Valley Line: Los Angeles - Lancaster Route Add-On
East Coast Main Line: Peterborough - Doncaster Route Add-On
S-Bahn Vorarlberg: Lindau - Bludenz Route Add-On

Tier 2 $10:
East Coastway: Brighton - Eastbourne & Seaford Route Add-On
Northeast Corridor: Boston - Providence Route Add-On
LGV Mediterranee: Marseille - Avignon Route Add-On
Main-Spessart Bahn: Aschaffenburg - Gemunden Route Add-On
Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr: Duisburg - Bochum Route Add-On
Ruhr-Sieg Nord: Hagen - Finnentrop Route Add-On
Canadian National Oakville Subdivision: Hamilton - Oakville Route Add-On
Southern BR Class 313 EMU Add-On
West Somerset Railway Route Add-On

Tier 3 $15:
Sherman Hill: Cheyenne - Laramie Route Add-On
DB BR 101 Loco Add-On
Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz - Koblenz Route Add-On
DB BR 363 Loco Add-On
Peak Forest Railway: Ambergate - Chinley & Buxton Route Add-On

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[Game Bundle] IGN Fan Fest '24 (www.humblebundle.com)
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submitted 3 months ago* (last edited 3 months ago) by [email protected] to c/humblebundle

Tier 1: $2/1,83€
Mega Man Legacy Collection

Tier 2: $10/9,71€
Mega Man Legacy Collection 2
Mega Man X Legacy Collection

Tier 3: $20/18,34€
Mega Man 11
Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2
Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection

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Hi, I'm ~~Troy McClure~~ Localhorst86.
You may remember me from legendary ~~films~~ posts like "Mommy, what's wrong with that man's face?", "Lead paint: delicous, but deadly" and "My Steam Deck decides to spontaneously disconnect from my dd-wrt router".

About 2 weeks ago, I made a post about strange connectivity issues with my steam Deck on my 5GHz WiFi. I'm glad to announce that I was able to further pinpoint my specific issue and how I was finally able to establish a stable 5GHz WiFi connection on my steam deck.

I figured, an update post could be helpful to give it more visibility.

I was getting fed up with my connection issues, so I decided to get a new, dedicated WiFi6 accesspoint, to see if it aleviates the issue. The access point arrived about 10 days ago, and once set up, my steam deck was able to hold a continuous connection the the 5GHz WiFI on it. Downloads would start at full blast of my ISP (~30MB/s) for about a minute, then slow down to about half that speed (12-14MB/s), but it was faster than my 2.4GHz WiFi and it wouldn't disconnect at all.

I tested and observed this for about a week, and it remained stable. With the AP being a fairly cheap device, it wouldn't support dd-wrt or openwrt, so I had to live with the limited options of the factory firmware of the device, that includes a limited combination of network modes (11a/n/ac/ax or 11a/n only), so I left it at (a/n/ac/ax).

But on my DD-WRT router (the one I had issues with), the network mode was set to 11ac only, because that gave me the best reliability and speed for my Oculus Quest 2 airlink setup.

I've then decided to set the network mode to "mixed" (11a/n/ac) and see if it would fix the issues. Unfortunately, this alone did not. I've then played around further with the network settings, and reduced the channel width from 80MHz to 40MHz, and that - in combination with mixed network mode - would result in a stable connection that downloads at full ISP blast for the first minute, then slow down to about half the speed, like it did with the new AP.

[TL;DR] If you have issues with the steam deck maintaining a 5GHz WiFi connection, make sure you enable mixed network mode for the Access Point, and reduce channel width to 40MHz.

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Kann es sein dass die Weboberfläche von feddit.de aktuell kaputt ist? Auf der Webseite erhalte ich immer den Fehler "login_incorrect", obwohl ich nicht angemeldet bin.

Über Voyager kann ich aber noch posts aufrufen und wohl auch abgeben (wird sich zeigen wenn der Post durchkommt.)

Edit: cache leeren hat funktioniert

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Hello everyone,

I have posted this question already ten days ago, but apparently federation was broken so it didn't actually reach your lemmy instance, so I am posting it again, apologies if it appears twice:

recently I noticed that my steam deck has serious connection issues, but only when downloading content (games, updates shader caches etc.)

The steam deck will download at full blast for a few seconds, then drop slowly to 0kb/s, eventually stopping with the error “content server unavailable” or “no internet connection”.

The status bar will either show a steam logo with an exclamation mark indicating it can’t reach steam, or an exclamation mark on the wifi signal indicating it can’t reach the internet at all.

When I put the steam deck into sleep mode and wake it up again, it will download a few hundred megabytes at full blast, only to stall to 0kb/s a short time later. Very rarely will it manage to download a few gigabytes at a time.

Downloading larger titles therefore requires me to regularly put the steam deck to sleep and waking it up again.

The deck never seems to lose connection when I am just gaming, only when downloading content off the CDN.

I am using a pihole, but I can not see any blocked traffic from the steam deck in the query log, in fact, all DNS requests made by the steamdeck get forwarded to and replied from the upstream DNS servers. I tried openDNS as well as Google servers, both with the same results.

I even tried disabling the pihole altogether, with the same result.

I tried disabling wifi energy management in the steam deck developer settings, but that also did not increase stability.

The Router I am using is a TP-Link Archer c7 v5 running DD-WRT (I updated to a very recent build to see if it increases stabilty, unfortunately it did not), the steam deck connects to the AP using 5Ghz wifi, I tried a few different channels but it still is very unstable.

Does anyone have any idea how I could solve this? Has anyone had a similar issue and was able to solve it?

UPDATE: For a follow up post with a fix to my issue, follow this link: https://feddit.de/post/8299615

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