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Good idea! Although sometimes YouTube comes back immediately with a violation warning email, but sometimes it takes YEARS for them to flag a video.

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I have never seen a side of a bathtub with the same tiles that are going up the wall. especially such ugly tiles.

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That doesn't look like a "simple habit" at all. I think my sleep will remain blissfully undisturbed.

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why doesn't she drop the surname Gates?

I already nearly didn't recognize her name with the "French" thrown in there.

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why did you click on the link? just read the comic. No ads there.

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In "Give a Man a Fish," both characters look like two babies in baby onesies. The grey one is a businessman baby onesie.

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she could be wearing a ๐Ÿ‘™ bikini.

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Shithouse? Meaning he let himself go and got fat & flabby again?

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Oh. Well maybe you don't deserve to be the recipient of a family member's house when you don't even know how to spell the word inheritance.

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Huh. I didn't know I was all that, but I do like Linux.

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the third stage in life can vary. weirdo with a home studio is the best possible outcome. But the most likely outcome involves busking and homelessness.

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... and the only place to emergency park was in a touristy area where all the parking lots require a fee, would that accident-car have to pay for parking there while he's in a crisis?

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I have no choice but to work a job for survival although I am in constant pain, my feet, my legs, my back, my shoulders, which is ironic because here I am as your massage therapist so you might assume we're impervious to pain, But no, not only am I your licensed massage therapist but I am first & foremost a Disabled Army Veteran but I have no choice but to work because all my disability benefits are being garnished by the government.

Ideally to heal my pain, I would rest and exercise and do yoga all day which is what I really need to do, but that won't earn me money to survive, and if I don't earn money to survive then I cannot survive. So I have no choice but to work a job, and if I could have any job in the world I wanted, it would be this job, as a licensed massage therapist here in this oceanfront Spa at this exclusive Beach Club that charges members $7,000 to join and $1,000 a month club dues, yes this is an exclusive club and I am grateful you hired me to work here,

I went to school for this, and jumped through so many legal hoops and bureaucratic documentation and licensing and testing in several different states just to have this job, So I'm investing myself into this job because I've already invested so much effort into it, and I don't want to jump through any other hoops for any other job because I'm already exhausted.

although what I really want to do is be a yoga teacher but I tried that and it only pays $25 a week and I cannot survive on $25/week, so I'm sticking with this job as a massage therapist and I'm grateful you hired me because this spa is on the beach and we can literally see the ocean from our windows and front promenade and it is so beautiful. And an employee benefit you offer us is a cafeteria with free food during our breaks and that is amazing. I'm grateful to work here,

but let me be clear that I do not want to work AT ALL and I need to rest and my body is in constant pain and I literally have disability benefits so I shouldn't be working but the government /IRS is garnishing all of my disability benefits because of something stupid my ex-husband did 10 years ago, So I have no choice but to work this job, and if I must work a job, this is the best one. But I am worried I will not be able to keep up and I will be so exhausted that I simply can't do it anymore, and then what? I will die because we need money to survive and if I don't work then I won't have money. And mind you, death from lack of money is not a quick instant painless death. No, it's a slow horrible undignified demise.

I will honestly tell you, along the same vein of preferring to be a yoga teacher if it only paid a living wage because that would be better for my body and my health, I've also thought of being an exotic dancer so I can climb a pole and be upside down and exercise which is what I crave, so much better than standing on these hard floors all day bending over massage clients, Oh it's 3:45 a.m. and my body is still throbbing in pain from the prior day of work, but I chose this vocation as a massage therapist because it is respectable, and guaranteed steady income as long as I can tolerate the pain and keep showing up to work every day,

whereas being an exotic dancer would not be respectable, and also I don't have the personality or the street smarts to be an exotic dancer. I would just like the physicality of it, climbing, stretching, dancing, that's what my body needs to do.

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I don't really care how many people see my videos or if nobody sees them at all, because they're just clips of happy moments in my life for my own memories, but a few days ago I posted a video and it got

Day one: 4 views and one thumbs up.

Day two: 1 view and no thumbs up ๐Ÿค”

Day three: ZERO VIEWS and one thumbs up.

I find this hilarious. and miffed at YouTube for manipulating things for no reason.

I'm pretty sure even based on viewer response, "views" cannot go backwards LOL.

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I have to submit a document for employment and they want my passport but my passport photo is 5.49 MB and they say you can't upload anything more than 5 MB. How can I shrink that file on my android phone without paying some service?

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Seriously, I have a stalker and I CAN'T HELP posting videos about where I am and what I'm doing, and I have a feeling I'm going to need a gun to protect myself from this guy.

I'd rather just block him from ever seeing my videos.

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Humans need approx 1tsp (or less) of sodium daily as an essential nutrient. I was low on sodium this morning* then spent the day at the beach in the salty ocean air, then within about 30 minutes I wasn't dizzy and nauseous anymore. Did the ocean air provide me sodium somehow?

*(dizzy & nauseous, I know the symptoms well since I often have no sodium in my diet and I've learned this through experience the last 5 years and I have to consciously remember to add sodium to my diet, and if I forget then I have dizziness and nausea)

Reddit wouldn't let me post this for some reason, Maybe because that subreddit r/askadoctor is dead, there have been no posts there for 3 years, so instead of abandoning my attempt at a post, I screenshat it and posting it here on Lemmy.

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"Yoga ThinkPad" I bought new 2018, rarely used, the last few months it wouldn't even turn on or charge, today it finally turned on, it let out and unholy weird BEEP and now I see this screen. I hit F9 and press enter and it does nothing. please advise.

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The slices in the middle are big, and the slices on the end are so small. Why can't they make it a rectangle with equally-sized square slices?

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Do I need to log out? then log back in? I don't want to. But if logging out/in is necessary to refresh my filter settings, I will. I searched for a way to log out/ in but I can't find it, but I will look harder if I need to. Let me know, or anything else I need to do to stop seeing Trump posts. Thanks.

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