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Tachij2kfriends, I saw the mihon dev post somewhere that tachij2k shouldn't be used anymore. Is there a reason for that? Everything is still working on my end, and until it doesn't I intend to just keep using tachij2k unless there's a good reason not to. I also read somewhere that the Dev for j2k said he was gonna make some changes, but I wasn't able to verify that... Anyone know anything more? Thanks

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No one lives forever can be downloaded free online. The Wikipedia says the devs shared the source code at some point and it's in copyright hell so pretty much only way to get it. Was pretty fun, playing on the hardest difficult was kind of annoying though. Last boss fight was ridiculous. On to f.e.a.r.!

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Where are you guys sourcing your manga? I've bought a few on Amazon and converted them to epub. I also have some raws from bookwalker but as far as I can tell their stuff is super locked down. Where else could I acquire manga?

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Unalive and the k word would like to have a word with you about gen z

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I remember my dad telling me about an article he read about the new Nintendo device that was going to have TWO screens. My 8 year old brain could not even fathom what that would be like... I do remember playing my gba sp and at one point closing the screen and then upon opening it up again later that it had died. I remember wishing that if there was only a way to turn the screen off when it was closed so you could save battery life... Imagine my surprise when I found out about sleep mode on the DS!

Now that I'm grown up and understand the anti consumer practices that Nintendo implements on its products enrages me, but fuck man, growing up I could not get enough of my Gameboy color, advance, sp, DS, Wii, 3ds... It's so hard to hate them.

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I thought it was pretty fun. I don't really like comic books or anything but the interactions between the characters was fun.

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Was hoping since Japanese is so popular with nerds that a JP community would be active but that one's dead too. Basically if it's not techy it's probably not gonna be active here on Lemmy.

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Can I ask what client you use? I want to implement the same auto-remove on qbittorent but idk if I'm just not seeing that setting or what.

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The literal endless abundance of things to do. Idc if my place is a closet if I'm never in it. Obviously if you're raising a 5 person family it's harder, but if you're solo or DINK then why wouldn't you

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All of a sudden, Amazon search has popped up on the right click contextual menu for me. Haven't seen it before today. I can't find a way to remove it either; I'd prefer not to be reminded every time I try to copy something that I can buy Travis County district court on Amazon. I use the app a lot because of Amazon lockers as well as shopping at an Amazon fresh store. So deleting it (which would presumably remove it) really isn't a great choice for me.

Anyone else encountering this? Any solutions? Thanks for any help.

EDIT: After some great comments, I decided to reininstall/reboot and that seemed to have gotten rid of it. TBD if it comes back though. Would still like to know if it's possible to adjust that menu. Some apps I use are hidden behind the overflow menu, which would be cool if I could reorganize. Thanks!

SUPA EDIT: Did some more sleuthing and may have found an answer. As I commented here, try putting your app in deep sleep. While it kills all background activity, I think it also stops apps from displaying the problem app's menu button.

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64/512GB LCD models are being phased out and are permanently on discount until sold out. Seems the 256GB LCD will remain while 512GB/1TB OLED are the other new SKUs. There is also an extremely limited limited edition 1 TB OLED that has a new color way, exclusive to the US and Canada.

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Scroll down in the article a bit to see Seattle mentioned. Glad to see there's finally some support for this. Would love to ditch another card.

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I think everything looks really great. The crest is much improved, I dig the carnation, and the orca is a fun return. Excited to pick up some new gear.

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