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What do you mean? Genuine question, I'm loosely familiar with the the issues with Discord having it's growing issues with data and advertising but I assumed Nitro was the worst element.

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This may be slightly inaccurate but in the UK, life sentences basically never happen. A life sentence normally has a minimum term, in this case 45 years, before they can go up for parole. If they get parole, their freedom remains conditional for the rest of their life.

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This is my favourite, it's a little cheesy and fun, but it doesn't have my biggest issue with the Reddit one which is for some reason acting like it's a birthday party.

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It's a shame that knowing average monster hitpoints is generally metagaming and there is no ranger option or similar to show you this.

It would be cool to follow a fireball. If you know the enemy you're fighting has about 32 hitpoints for example, such as the thug, and a band of them got hit by a fireball for 30 damage, sleep is a perfect spell. But getting this combo off in game always feels a little metagamey in a way that just makes it ineffective.

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I'd say the Rage beyond Death feature of the zealot is pretty major to how they're played. A level 14 barb may have 150 hitpoints or more, plus their resistances, but people play the zealot in high level games for this feature.

The idea of getting to fight to 0 hitpoints, then keep fighting until you die and then still not relenting until the fight ends is rad. Hell I'd say that their level 3 and level 6 features, while cool, were designed after their level 14 feature and designed to let you get as much out of that final feature as possible.

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The Witcher novels are one of the few epic fantasy franchises I've read and man, I didn't really like them.

Unsurprisingly, I came from the playing the Witcher 3, and I loved the first two books; the collections of short stories. The actual main plot felt that it never knew clearly where it was going, and it often suddenly meandered at times that killed the pacing, and man was it horny.

I don't mind horny either. I really enjoyed reading Murakami's The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, and the authors horniness is prevalent throughout the novel, but it actually works to complement the narrative. Even in the Song of Ice and Fire series where GRRM can get distractedly horny, it doesn't read as off-puttingly as Sapkowski's "edgy horny" style.

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This is my favourite novel of all time. It's interesting how the conversation is always about if it's adaptable into film, where many famous novels are accepted as totally unable to be adapted.

Part of it comes from McCarthy's very external style of writing. It's basically impossible to covert the layers of subtext in Ulysses to screen, or the introspection of The Bell Jar.

Hell in university I adapted the first chapter into a screenplay to pass the time and I was super happy with the outcome. I'm paraphrasing here but when the Coen Brothers adapted No Country for Old Men they made a joke that the adaptation was as simple as Ethan turning the page and Joel writing the words. McCarthy's work screams to be adapted.

On the flipside, Blood Meridian's meandering, epic nature may be what makes it unable to be adapted, not it's cruelty. Any and all adaptations for screen would need to reimagine swathes of the book, which is a disservice to it's structure. Many novels have this difficulty in adaptation but for reasons I struggle to explain, it feels it would hurt this novel more than most. Even if it were to be adapted into a 10 or 20 episode high budget show, I'd doubt it would adapt naturally in it's flow.

On a totally unrelated note, chapter 14 is such a great chapter. I often pick the book back up to read that chapter again. It's got fantastic prose, a great monologue from the judge, and covers in my opinion the most critical point of choosing evil for the Glanton gang.

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Yeah this is a fantastic building for the robotics complex at a university.

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You gotta pretend it's slipped out and you didn't wanna make that noise. That's the killer.

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I get so deeply sad when I remember this story that it actually puts me off the meme, what a horrible way to go.

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On the D&D side, the final big adventure is releasing for D&D now before they refresh the rules starting in autumn. That adventure is high level and the main antagonist is Vecna, with him effectively having lieutenants of many of the other popular villains.

This isn't just a D&D tie in, it's an ad for Vecna: Eve of Ruin.

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Id assume that's a liability thing? I'm not too sure as I believe it's legal to be topless in NYC, although probably not Dublin, but it's almost definitely not a crime to show 9/11 imagery.

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This is for D&D 5e.

I'm currently making a reoccurring antagonist NPC that is a master thief. It's CR 6 and I want it to be capable of making three attacks per round like multiattack but also have their thief subclass's enhanced cunning action with fast hands.

This would normally mean they'd get 3 attacks and a varying options for bonus actions, however I'd want them to be able to trade up to three if these attacks to have more uses of cunning action (this would of course stack the ability to dash 4 times per round but I'd just not do that while running the monster). They also have a special once per day ability that I'd want them to be able to swap a single attack for.

It got me thinking, instead of trying to make an unwieldy combination of multiattack, a special action and cunning action, could I just give them three actions?

The simple way this NPC works that I want them to pick 3 options from:

  • Dagger
  • Crossbow
  • Special action
  • Dash
  • Disengage
  • Hide
  • Make an ability check
  • Use an object
  • Use a set of tools

At this point, what do I actually lose from letting them take 3 actions? They aren't a Spellcaster so I'm not worried about them throwing out three fireballs or the like.

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