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Iran will be dealing with bombs in their borders now.

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Is this even fo reals?

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Design does not force people to bump into each other, cram in and pile on top of each other, hanging out, off and on top vehicle, so worthless design.

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In violent times, you shouldn’t have to sell your soul.

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Where to buy?

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Clint Bolick and Kathryn Hackett King

Vote No to not retain as judges.

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How about where food actually comes from too! Including foreign source information.

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Shhhh! It’s a secret!

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Distribution of the United States in Units of Canadas

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Carte du vote pour la tarification des SUV

@[email protected] - Superposons les cartes parisiennes des résultats à la récente votation sur la tarification des SUV, des lieux de pouvoir, et de la consommation en énergie par habitant. Je vous épargne celles des résultats aux diverses élections.

Ya d'autres cartes sur le lien. ;)


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AZ will be voting Blue in November.

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Happy confederate L day

When Abba Came to Britain (www.theguardian.com)
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TV tonight: a super trouper night in for Abba fans

A lovely oral history about the Swedish pop group’s time in the UK. Plus, Michael Palin and Anthony Joshua join Jonathan Ross. Here’s what to watch this evening

From bowling over Eurovision fans in Brighton to taking their hologram concert to London nearly 50 years later, here’s a joyous oral history of Abba’s relationship with the UK. As well as unheard clips from Agnetha, Anni-Frid, Benny and Björn, we meet journalists and superfans who saw the pop magic happen – even if the band completely bombed amid British cynicism after Eurovision … until SOS. Hollie Richardson

Continue reading...

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Me and my brother both joined the army at slightly different times. We both did a tour in Afghanistan that overlapped and were just one province away from each other. I did a second tour over there and he got out.

We both came from a VERY conservative family. It was after serving that we both became suuuuper liberal. It was like the wool being pulled out from out eyes when we joined the army and saw how much of a lie it all was. Oddly enough, this is a semi common story for conservative people joining the military.

We grew up with our dad working in the military-industrial-complex and he would make fun of the liberals who called out the military for serving the MIC companies, and how it Iraq was a war for profit. Then we serve and see it first had with all the contractors, the needless equipment, the contracts for new tech that wasn't needed, and all the other money sinks going into it. It was all a lie.

We grew up being told how bad universal healthcare would be, but then had it in the military and saw how amazing it was.

We were told that if people didn't have a personal motivation through debt and loans to make them work harder, then people going through college would have no motivation to improve their lives. And yet here I am with the GI bill. (Granted, I still have 70k in student loans. The GI bill is kind of a lie in its self).

Everything that was a conservative talking point was exposed as a lie after joining army.

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Calling all ABBA fans around the world - for two weeks only, ABBA World opens its doors in this year's Eurovision city, Malmö! Fifty years after ABBA’s international breakthrough with ‘Waterloo’ in Eurovision Song Contest, we want to celebrate this milestone together with all the fans.

Gosh dang it (lemm.ee)
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