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Yea but the good side won it so alls well that ends well right!?!?!?!

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Lots of companies have peer based employee reviews, cliques have the capability to cause harm in these firms but normally the peers reviewing you are rotated each review period to minimalise that and any bad actors can normally seen by management’s review of the peer reviews.

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American schools cover the civil and 2 great wars because those were the last times we were arguably the good guys. Every war since has been a conflict we started by meddling or we had no good reason to be there

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Are you sure you weren’t in a remedial school? lol

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I just yesterday passed a bunch of fields in Germany near München that were full of solar panels with sheep underneath. Thought it was a great idea

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Yes… a split center party will have some go left, some right, some center. So long as we consistently vote in left of current republican authoritarians then we’re good. Any scenarios with the death of American republicanism is good

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I’m 30, it’s not that I don’t want chrome, it’s more like I don’t care either way and I’m not paying more for it because I just don’t care about it

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Yea mine isn’t plug in either, still get mid 40s mpg though which is great. 600 miles on a tank is fantastic for an suv. I might’ve gotten plug in but the dealers didn’t want to or couldn’t answer any questions on them and really fet like they didn’t want to show/sell them

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Mostly the Cubans and old folks from other states who move there for their last decade or two of life. The old folks will be dead before it’s a problem, the Cubans refuse to vote for anyone left of hitler because they hate the idea of another people’s revolution taking their ill-gotten wealth, even though todays Cuban Americans aren’t nearly as powerful as the Cubans that the revolution overthrew.

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Nice, you just missed it then, congrats on having a non-annoying hybrid! See you at the pumps once a month or so

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Must’ve been an addition on newer models then, I’ve heard it on a few others and the ford dealership says they have to have it. Some quick googling right before buying it brought up forums where ford owners figured out how to disable it though

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Read here: all utilities and banks in America. Oh you want to call and talk about something important regarding your natural gas bill or mortgage? Call between 10am and 4pm Monday-Friday to talk to one of our dedicated Sri Lankan representatives. Oh you work during that time? Good, that’s the point lol

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