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I dont do it but I can see the appeal of photographing a wild animal. Its like hunting, but instead of shooting a gun and killing the animal, you shoot a picture and you get a nice souvenir without hurting anything.

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Rural Canada really needs to wake up from the illusion that conservatives are for the "working man" and "against the elites". They ARE the elite.

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pro gun nuts hate this simple trick!

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Canada says that Shopify CEO needs to pay his fair share or stfu

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Im not sure what you mean by socialist countries. But communists countries are more oppresive:

  • They have leaders that stay in power for decades. Opposition is often punished.
  • There is nor freedom of speech, speaking against the government gets you in jail or worse.
  • In some of those countries, people are not allowed to leave the country.

And for the record, I agree that poverty is extremely oppressive as well and we need more socialist reforms in capitalist countries, tax harder the rich, break monopolies, foster more unions and so on, I just dont agree that communism is the magical land you all think it is and the solution to all the problems. Nobody seems to want immigrate to North Korea for a reason.

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This just shows how many "people" persons are in tech management that don't really understand technology and don't feel comfortable using it to communicate. Bad news for they is that we, the people that get the job done, we are technology people, we are not afraid of chats and video calls and we know how progress can be measured remotely.

Keep that shit up and you will lose your best employees.

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oh im not defending by any means the unregulated system of the USA, my point was against communism, not in favor of something else in particular.

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First than anything, great taste in music my dude. Ok, fair point, these countries have it hard because of economic sanctions, but that doesn't explain why they all devolve into a tyrannical, corrupt and repressive systems where people are forced to stay and a great majority seems to want to leave. People just don't have free will and freedom of speech in these places. Is not a coincidence, its by design, communism is intentionally "the dictatorship of the working class".

And don't get me wrong, I dislike very much the unregulated capitalistic system of the USA too, yet a lot of people in the world seem to want to live there instead of any communist country. If I those were my only options, I would hate it, but I would choose the same.

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considering that all “communist states” to date have been oligarchic autocracies

And you think that is a coincidence?

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I thought the same many years ago, until I saw how it went for every single country that implemented communism and then I didnt like it so much. You all seriously think is a coincidence?


Spoiler alert, last warning:

For me it was after finishing the Voodo boys questline and one of my favorite parts in the game, when V just collapsed, Johnny took care of it saving our ass and then gave V his dog tag saying he will go down if the situation ever calls for it.

After saving me, I even told him I would take a bullet for him.

But seeing this scene again in a youtube video made me realize maybe I was a bit naive back then. When V wakes up and the pills are in his hand, I thought the 1st time playing the game "yeah its normal, Johnny took them to bring me to a safe place". The 2nd time watching the video, I thought "wait a minute... maybe he was trying to continue taking them to stay in control forever?".

This is why I love this game...

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  • Atlantic Superstore
  • Dominion Stores
  • Extra Foods
  • Fortinos
  • Freshmart
  • Maxi
  • No Frills
  • No Name
  • President's Choice
  • President's Choice Financial
  • Provigo
  • Real Canadian Liquorstore
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix
  • SuperValu
  • T & T Supermarket
  • Valu-mart
  • Your Independent Grocer
  • Zehrs Markets



I'm not judging, I'm genuinely curious. The reason why I'm asking is because in this sort of games I like to make the character resemble me as much as possible in every aspect, so I'm just curious to know what is the motivation behind men that decide to play as a female character.


This game is one of the best ones I've ever played and I love that there are motorcycles in it, but why there is not a single cruiser? There is a whole faction inspired on motorcycle clubs, the nomads and yet they dont include the key part of that culture? I want to ride a chopper blasting a lever shotgun terminator style!


This is one of the features that I like the most of Infinity for reddit because it allows me to see all the subs I like without having to login in the app.

I love Eternity btw, great work!


Il manque plus de 8000 enseignants dans le réseau scolaire et le ministre de l’Éducation est incapable de garantir qu’il y aura un « adulte » par classe à la rentrée. Pourtant, des professeurs prêts à s’atteler à la tâche attendent encore, avec impatience, que leur centre de services scolaire leur propose enfin un emploi.

La seule chose que je comprends de cette histoire c'est que M. Drainville est vraiment inutile.

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