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They don’t have to use them, it’s a choice

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Trump’s side marketed going to a black church and having thousands turn out to support him

It was an attempt to sway the black demographic into supporting him because other blacks do. The pictures paint a different story than what was advertised

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My point was more that there is a lot more nothing land in the US

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Yeah but I don’t really care if someone takes it to sell, it creates an endpoint branch but someone else will create a growing branch

One assumes even an endpoint will pass things upstream

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That’s not a good measurement as populations are not spread evenly. You could have 10 000 people per km^2 in the US then have 0.001 people per km^2 in another

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Majority of Canada is like that

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I wouldn’t call those mistakes or taking agency from the player

Just adds more depth and complexity to the fights “when can i use this without being punished”

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There was a school in Canada that used the confederate flag as it’s flag

Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/racism-georgetown-high-school-sports-1.3992450

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The format not the content

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Apparently gen z follow YouTubers and know drama/creators by name

One of them was really shocked that I don’t care to follow any and just search for the topic I want and pick whatever (separately I avoid videos with high viewcount or sponsors because then they are doing it for money not as a hobby)

There’s other things like they don’t love the song Smooth and play Minecraft even though they aren’t 9 anymore

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I support MIT because I believe that’s how all software should be

Everyone builds upon each other

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Canada genociding the Acadians really helped you guys

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For instance this video https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/video/1.7170227

Has closed captions I can put on but this video doesn’t


How does that work with accessibility laws? I wish there was just a scribed button I could press to read the whole video instead of having to pause constantly

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The easiest I found was going to each episode and editing the subtitles then uploading the file (even though they are in the same directory)

I’m assuming if I named better then it wouldn’t be an issue since the subtitles are named “e1, e2, etc”

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I never click on them and I don’t consume any other content related to those countries but every so often I’ll see an anti (those countries) headline in my feed and then the next few days will have pro occupied China stories

It feels like targeted propaganda since I never see good stories about the other countries and it makes me wonder why YouTube hasn’t been broken up if they are too big to monitor that

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