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Not quite. Tesla is just the vessel through which Musk enriches himself. Everyone is disposable in the end. The dumbest thing is that there's still people who still thinks otherwise.

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The board is a bunch of stooges. They all need to go to jail in all fairness.

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This is just a random twitter user.

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He has no good goals. It is just a massive grift. Everything he touches will either shut down or turn into a "conventional" company the moment he leaves. It is just hype to drive sales or the next capital raise.

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return2ozma is almost certainly a Russian agent or bot, or someone that deeply sympathizes with far right/fascist beliefs. He is only pretending to be "far left," and shows zero interest in actually promoting any kind of left-wing policies. In short, he's an outrageous troll, and people need to ignore or block him. Also, he needs to be report everywhere for being a troll.

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Linkerbaan, along with several posters whose goal seems to be only about attacking Israel, are almost certainly Russian agents. They are simply repeating whatever stories that seem to make Israel or the US look bad. They do not care about the facts or accuracy of their claims.

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Linkerbaan is almost certainly a Russian agent.

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Linkerbaan is almost certainly a Russian agent.

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It was well past its prime by the 1970s. VW would've ended production long before 2003 if it wasn't seen as an iconic vehicle.

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The original Beetle was a very cheap car being sold at a time when no one else was making such vehicles. Sales tanked once competition showed up. The problem is that Tesla is seeing competition now.

Also, Teslas aren't cheap. So the market for them is much smaller.

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