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Don't be lazy.

Get a cable tie or some tongs, pull it out, rotate it, done.

Less effort than it took to take this picture and post it on here.

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You forgot to mention 'genocide Joe' or go on about '''Zionists''' controlling all western media Linkerbaan.

Not the level of debate we expect of you. Fingers tired from copy-pasting Kremlin propaganda?

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Looks like you didn't reach the end of my comment:

It is possible to be critical of Israel and not defend Iran. Just so you know, I know Russian propaganda probably told you otherwise.

But hey, if people being critical of Iran or their terrorist proxies disturbs you, perhaps you should join the ghost of Russell Bentley on lemmy.ml

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Good news. Finally the Iranian government will be able to defend itself against teenaged schoolgirls who uncover too much of their hair.

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Israel, however, is the matter of getting enough of Rs to vote Yea to outweigh the Maggots. I don’t like it, but the feds spend billions of dollars on tons of stuff I dislike. If allowing a continued genocide in one country means that the same won’t happen in two others…(sigh)

And it's not as if a lack of funding would stop them anyway. It's largely symbolic and to ensure Israel keeps buying American.

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They launched a massive attack on Israel, Israel responded with a very small and limited strike. Iran have been funding terrorist proxy groups for decades. They also treat their own people and women horrifically.

Hate Israel all you want, but cheerleading for an Islamic theocracy is stupid.

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It's not The Wire or The Sopranoes.

It is genuinely fun and bingeable.

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Given there's suggestions he has Parkinson's or has dementia, it might also be the medication. Something like haldol, even in low doses, will make him sleepy.

TBF he's old. I had trouble staying awake in class when I was in my teens and twenties. No surprise an old man has similar issues during a long day in court.

Perhaps if he hadn't gone around calling his opponent 'sleepy' for years on end, people would have been more charitable and assumed he'd simply slept poorly.

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Why would Ukraine condemn an attack on a country that is supplying Russia with drones used to kill Ukrainian men, women and children?

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Then when they're 15, they can rape them, but marry them when they get pregnant (because plenty of conservatives support that), they won't be able to abort their rapists child, and with a bit of luck the GOP will also make divorce harder (that's also something they want) so that their young wives will never be able to escape them and because conservatives will ensure marital rape continues to go unpunished.

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Amazon rainforest and other ecosystems could collapse ‘very soon’, researchers warn

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