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Eventho GPT is far from perfect, this does show how far behind google still is on AI.

Edit: GPT4o answer to exactly same question, which also explains why google failed:

"The Onion" humorously refers to itself as "America's Finest News Source." It's a satirical news organization known for its parody articles on international, national, and local news, mocking traditional news media and public figures. Despite its comedic nature, it has gained a reputation for its sharp wit and clever commentary on contemporary issues.

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If steam is included, 12b is a joke, if just valves game rights, meaning HL and CS, then the price is not THAT stupid (still quite).

Maybe this would be the way go get HL3, it would ofc be horrible cashgrab, but HL3 would be out.

Edit: bit details, in 2021 Valve had $10b revenue from steam, and $3b revenue from other sources (heh, source, get it)

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There is huge gap between 3.5 and 4 especially in coding related questions. GPT3.5 does not have large enough token size to handle harder code related questions.

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Will only if your language is 1-index based, yuck. Otherwise there is just 0 and 1 way

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Yew, what the fuck

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Bankcrupt in 5 years, I will reply to this when it happens.

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This compensation is same amount as he owns Tesla now, so their idea is to let him sell his existing stock, which he has promised to not sell. He wants to cash out, like many Tesla executives, because they know that Tesla is in problems.

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He wants to cash out before Tesla will crash and burn. Predictions are that Tesla is bankrupt in 5 years.

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Natural growth is better than surge. Lemmy will eventually be the defacto. Reddit will do something stupid and people will star pouring in.

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T-1,T-2,T-3,...,T-97,T-98,T-99. Some will hit

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Other is selfhosting and other is service. I pick selfhosted.

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So no closed source commerical product should ever exist? Discord is one too, I am just selecting one that I can control.

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I found from hard way that lemmy community urls are bit problematic. Here is the story, which contains bit NSFW material.

I was trying to figure out in Jerboa how to subscribe to community in another instance. First one that I came across, that i was not subscribed to was !hairypussy@pornlemmy. com. (I know, I know, I am a perv)

I copy pasted the community path to my android clipboard, and tried few ways in the app, and eventually gave up.

Some time passes, until I went to do some shopping. My wife and I use a shared shopping list. From this shopping list I found this beatiful community path.

My wife had a laugh, but I was worried that If she would have been bit more jelous side, she could have made a assumption from the structure of the path.

The thing is that !hairypussy @ pornlemmy. com looks like email address. This could have been misunderstood quuuite badly.

I am a coder also, so @ is sensible separator, and serves the same purpose as in email. Probably it should not change, but the structure can cause misunderstandings with some communities and lemmy instance urls. Of course here main issue is user error, and any link to some bad site can be issue, but people understand what website URL is.

Please let me know if this needs NSFW tag.

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