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I'm going to play it eventually. Already bought it, just waiting to be in the mood to get started. I am curious though... how hard is it just to figure out where you're going? That is often my biggest hurdle in these older games, even though I grew up on this kind of stuff haha.

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This game rules so far. I really like the dialogue and notes system. Plus, I honestly think it looks pretty nice for such a lo-fi style. Lots of QOL stuff for a game of this type too. Definitely check it out if it looks interesting to you!

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This is partially on these companies for failing to provide an equal experience to Steam on their platform. I bought Witcher III in GoG to support the devs, and my reward was a lost save by the time the DLCs came out, because their client didn’t have cloud saves. So guess where I bought their stuff from there on? Sure, they added these features later but for some people the damage is already done.

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We're still doing this, huh? Smartphone fanboying? Pretending like one side is clearly superior? This shit is so tired.

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Fyi, the fixed update has been released.

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This is exactly my experience. Always liked CRPGs, but I've literally never finished any of the classics, or any traditional CRPG for that matter (closest would be Disco Elysium or Dragon Age: Inquisition for me). But BG3 is really hitting for me. I absolutely love it, and I want to give more of these a try once I finish it.

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After Netflix, I am cracking down on paying for these services.

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It depends, but... mostly yes. I don't agree with most big companies ideologically speaking... I'd have a hard time finding work if I limited myself in that way.

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What… the fuck? I hope this is a bad joke or something.

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Still holding on to my S4 until it dies or they make a decent upgrade to battery life.

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I misinterpreted your original comment. We agree, haha.

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Agreed. Also a Reddit migrant, and I feel like even if it's changed here since our mini exodus (which I believe), I'm still finding it much more pleasant than Reddit.


This is a topic I enjoyed seeing over at the other place, so I thought I'd try to get it going here if people are interested.

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