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'good thing to aim for'

Of course it is the end goal of the ultra wealthy to reduce their own tax burden and say it is good for the country.

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It seems like all of the data is in the article to me. There are searchable tables on all of the criteria and the information comes from the publicly accessible TV show that is being studied. I'm sure if you trawled through every episode and charted the guests yourself, it would be easy to point out anything false.

It looks like the study is still ongoing and has not been "published" in that it has not been written up and peer reviewed, but this is an article about the raw data collected and drawing some conclusions from that alone.

Even if it were peer reviewed and published in a journal, the peers would not go through and verify the data before publication.

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They've actually been on fire with some of their best stuff in years lately. The above article is NewsThump.

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It doesn't seem likely at the moment. It's a whole mess and it doesn't look like the outcome is going to benefit the original creators, the usurpers, or us fans.

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I'm very surprised by the discourse in this thread. I understand that people were given lots of warning, but that doesn't excuse that they just had their purchase recinded. Why not just allow download of an old version of Minecraft Java still?

I'd consider myself a Microsoft fanboy as I've had Xbox live for nearly 2 decades and Game Pass since it came into existence. Removing people's purchases for any reason is a scummy move.

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Why do political parties even receive donations? It doesn't make sense to me that this is even a thing. It's just open corruption.

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What a weird article. When I think of hybrid I immediately think that means hybrid working model (some days in office some from home).

Having studios in two different countries working together doesn't feel like a remarkable feat in this day and age and worldwide collaboration is pretty much the norm in any sizable developer.

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Tazing pitch invaders is some dystopian shit.

[-] [email protected] 16 points 4 days ago* (last edited 4 days ago)

Whatever game they end up putting out, it's going to be Disco Elysium in name only and I hope it doesn't fool anyone into buying it.

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Well he is pretty fancy. Born in a castle? And look at all those names!

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As other comments have said, they aren't even doing game streaming, just mobile games. You can already download mobile games through heir app on a phone with a subscription.

And Steam didn't really fail, it excels at streaming games around a network. Xbox games can all be streamed with game pass and its pretty good.

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That's an interesting take on "Young people won't be exploited as much".

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