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This will forever be a problem every time they set a Star Trek before TOS.

I felt the same way with ENT: it looked too advanced. Of course now I know that's a non-issue, especially after Kelvin.

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DS9 camera people had a real hardon for Vaseline.

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Oh man Hexbear would be so pissed if they could read.

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I'm sure thats Rule of Acquisition #240-something.

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There was a real threat that Picard would get killed off in Beat of Both Worlds.

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They aren't left. They are paid assets or bots by the global fascist movement. I absolutely refuse to consider them left because their actions benefit the right. Who cares what they say, what do their actions do?

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So a coverup then. Interesting.

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For that goto ER, get shit fixed and lol never pay the bill what they gonna do, Rebreak it? 🤣 Destroy my credit‽ HAHAHAAHHHAHAHH


Relevant to the Columbo trend, Kate Mulgrew played Columbo's wife in "Mrs. Columbo" for about a season.


Rule of Acquisition #14: Anything stolen is pure profit. Based on "a comment" by Kolanaki.


[Bing] "draw a spaceship hovering over some roman legion soldiers" first try.

Based on a legend where Constantine the Great saw a flaming cross in the sky before a great battle and converted to Christianity. Or as Ancient Astronaut theorists would say, aliens were just there, chilling.

That second moon is probably 3753 Cruithne.


Bing, "a group of Abrams tanks attacking a firebreathing dragon". Well I wanted the dragon to be attacking the tanks but this looks rad nonetheless.

To Catch a Predator (
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I love the door greeter (
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"Walmart store in hell" basically. What is this art style? Reminds me of a punk/metal album cover.

I cast.... bullets (
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"fantasy wizard holding an AK47". Bing added the shades on its own lol


Banned in the Gorn Hegemony. A Quark's Bar^TM^ exclusive. Ages 18+ or your species' equivalent.

Come to Quark's, Quark's is fun, come right now, don't walk – run!

TV Land presents (

Did in 10 min in my lunch break lol

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