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My color blind ass is struggling with the red text on blue, what's it say on the right?

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I had to look into it because once you mentioned that I was curious.

So the saying originated sometime before 1930 when it first appeared in print and likely in the 1800s. (Source)

And when I went to an inflation calculator the earliest date I could select was January of 1913. Which I couldn't help but share the results of.

About $3.20.


So yeah, about a dime a dozen... 111 years ago lol.

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USBs nowadays are a dime a dozen basically for 16GB sticks

They can literally be bought in 10 packs for less than $30.

If they don't give one back nowadays so be it.

Back in the day it was a terrible loss though

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Eat them with all that well deserved spit on their faces?

Not to kink shame but that's pretty unsanitary.

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You know what that means, you've got to make the fabulous power armor

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34 over‽

Where I'm at that's reckless driving as well and a suspended license even if you pay your fine.

FFS that dude needs to learn to drive properly

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I shall name them Chuckles

Chuckles the Clown

May they HONK forever more into the future

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That's not normal?


But of course I'm not exactly neurotypical

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Just a tankie backing up another tankie there. (I checked their post history, and it checks out)

Thank you for the link it's an enlightening read that I'm sure will get ignored.

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Submarines, much like wolves, travel in packs.

And the one you see always has friends nearby that you don't.

Based Chaos Player (files.catbox.moe)
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Every chaos player I've met has held the same opinion though my sample size is fairly small.

I primarily play Orks currently but I'm working on getting into the Chaos. I'm just struggling to pick a specific kind of army for it. Any suggestions?

Happy Pride Month folks!

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Trying to get some sleep (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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Based PhysicsDuck [Rule] (files.catbox.moe)
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I recently watched a video from the YouTuber Chris Boden (PhysicsDuck) and saw an unhinged comment in the comment section that he replied to. I thought his reply was great so I felt like sharing.

Start image description: A YouTube comment section with a comment with the username censored and a reply from the YouTuber PhysicsDuck.

The comment reads: What is with the gay pride?! Im so sick of seeing this everywhere. Why is it necessary to shove this down everyones throat? Unsubbed!

The reply from PhysicsDuck: What are you on about? Are you ok? Do you smell toast?

There’s nothing in the entire video that is in any manner gay. I’m a nerdy middle aged straight white dude talking about how we measure the diameter of wire and cable, and you’re having a homoerotic existential crisis? Really?

Am I just that overpoweringly attractive to you that you can’t fight these feelings anymore and have to ragequit the channel while screaming about “gay” and how necessary it is to have something shoved down your throat?

Because, while I'm not gay, I’ve got a LOT of family, friends, and viewers who are every imaginable fabulous fruity flavour of sparkly awesome you can imagine, and I’m sure that one of them would be happy to help you fulfill your fantasy, if you ask nicely.

It’s ok, no judgement or kinkshaming here. Come out of the closet, it’s too damn crowded in there anyways.

I love you, just the way you are.

Good luck.

End image description.

Edit: Video source

Pride was a riot [Rule] (cdn.trendhunterstatic.com)
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In the Hush Money trial to all 34 counts!

Woot woot!!!


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I'm in the process of switching my machines to Linux Mint from Windows and on my network drive I have a bunch of folders that are sorted with the help of preceding underscores (like this "__folder1" "___folder2")) so that folders appear in a specific order.

When my Mint machines access the drive they sort by the first letter skipping the underscores and I'd really like to have that functionality back rather than having to rename a bunch of folders to try to sort them again. (I'd like to avoid a preceding 'A' workaround if possible as there's a bunch of folders)

Any suggestions? A setting I'm missing (very likely) or something?

Edit: The more I look the more it looks like I'm going to have to make a custom locale to be able to get the sorting I want from the default Mint file manager.

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At the last session the player in question tried to look up the town they just got to because they recognized the name, they quickly found out that all I had was the name the rest of it all was made up by me on the spot.

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This brings the total under this administration to $167 Billion in relief for 4.75 million borrowers.

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I'm wanting to add grass Tufts to my mini bases as my bases are boring AF currently (typically primer grey with some paint splashes from the minis feet lol)

I've got Vallejo Ground Texture stuff (dark earth brown, grey pumice, and a sand brown) that I'm going to be using on some bases for some bases but I'm feeling little grass tufts would add a lot to liven them up.

So recommendations for what kinds of grass would be awesome as I'm pretty lost looking at them.

Gayness [Rule] (files.catbox.moe)
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