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Maybe. If so, thanks for saucing me.^^

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Somehow became potato.

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Why is this nsfw? Is this kindergarden?

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Go back to sleep, Nema. You dont want to see this.

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I'm glad I'll be dead soon. Future looks bleak.

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Well the most important thing is to post and talk about Musky on every possible medium at all time, every day & always.

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No, he's talking about jews.

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I get it. It's lit. I used to burn cd's, but they go straight to the source. So deep, such akbar. Respect the religion of love, you guys. Dont burn the holy book, light up every thing else though.

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Is this bait? This is bait. It's so baity.

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As in the title. From groups like Dejap and Aeon Genesis? If so, sorry and please feel free to delete this post.

Rpg time. (sh.itjust.works)
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I'd love to hear about your favorite snes rpg experiences. Maybe pick up some tips on titles I might have slept on.

One of mine is Breath of Fire 2, but mostly because it was my first, I think. Me and my buddies used to rent a snes and Bof2 over the weekends at the local Video store. Good times. After I discovered emulation I went through most of them, I think. The big ones, like ChronoT, Seiken Denwhatsitsface 3, Bahamut Lagoon.. Blew my mind. FF6 ofc. The music and the pixels, man.

Now you?

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