The Debug Mode (youtu.be)
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thank you for being part of this community and respecting the new rules

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For me is donkey Kong country

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As in the title. From groups like Dejap and Aeon Genesis? If so, sorry and please feel free to delete this post.

Rpg time. (sh.itjust.works)
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I'd love to hear about your favorite snes rpg experiences. Maybe pick up some tips on titles I might have slept on.

One of mine is Breath of Fire 2, but mostly because it was my first, I think. Me and my buddies used to rent a snes and Bof2 over the weekends at the local Video store. Good times. After I discovered emulation I went through most of them, I think. The big ones, like ChronoT, Seiken Denwhatsitsface 3, Bahamut Lagoon.. Blew my mind. FF6 ofc. The music and the pixels, man.

Now you?

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Is the answer as stupid as the question?

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Hey c/snes, let's try to get this community kickstarted a bit!

Here's a shot of my current SNES/SFC collection:

I usually play on my Analogue Super Nt (or Pocket if I'm on the go or want to play in bed).

What about you? Any favourites in your collection?


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