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Well this is where I think they did get it right. He was blind with power and no one cared to oppose him. If they did, they died.

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There was something that you touched on that goes unnoticed in your presentation. The context also includes the media cycle. OJ's case was HIGHLY publicized. It was unlike any other trail in history. There was constant coverage of a former NFL superstar turned into a movie star under a murder charge that he ran away from in a high speed freeway chase. We literally watched the verdict being read in highschool where everyone could hear it. The scale was phenomenal and I don't feel it has been followed the same since.

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You're kidding right?

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Former grocery manager here. There are companies that purposely sell these weird cryptic date formats. I would always need to go look for their certain code to figure out what it translates to. I can't remember why either other than it's not normal and we just dealt with it.

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Username checks out

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Ye. You're right.

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Same. I think the hard part is finding which one fits the situation and that's where the spectrum kicks in.

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It's the same thing really

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It was a different time. Being stealth was not seen as possible. Being invisible was highly sought after from the military and people's imaginations alike. Now we have the technology to be virtually invisible on radar and it's not seen the same.

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I won't. But I just don't accept e-vites. I like to be a but sporadic with my schedule ok?

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Which really sucks. Because it was making great strides in the movement of moving away from petroleum dependency.

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Oh is it? It couldn't just be a joke? Or hear me out, an opinion. An o-pin-yun is this fancy way of signaling to others your virtues. It's a new technology I believe developed by the Romans that can be found on many media formats.

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Lemmy world mobile (self.asklemmy)
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I was rocking the Jerboa app and now it's not letting me login. Are there any other alternatives out there?

moonmoons unite! (lemmy.world)
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My boy doesn't like the fireworks but he doesn't let him have a bad day. (He still acts like a derp).

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