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Anyone know what charging protocol they use for 80W? This article and the official web site do not specify. Is it USB-PD? SuperVOOC? I'm not really familiar with Vivo specifically.

If it's USB-PD then that means you could use a typical laptop charger. If it's VOOC, then it's unlikely you'll have any compatible chargers.

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I agree with a lot of what you're saying. Deflecting the blame to consumers is a misinformation tactic by corporations and governments. That doesn't mean consumers can't or shouldn't take action on their own, of course -- just that we also need to hold corporations and governments accountable. There are things that need to be done at a personal level and things that need to be done at an institutional level. Individual behavior influences institutional behavior, and vice-versa.

Take bottled water, for example. We ship fucking water across the country in plastic bottles when it is verifiably no better than the tap water in any reasonably-maintained system. Is it the consumers' fault for buying it, the corporations' fault for being completely amoral, or the government's fault for allowing these ass-backwards incentives to exist and persist in the first place, and failing to provide sufficient alternatives? My choice to avoid bottled water whenever humanly possible in no way absolves these instutions of their failures and corruption that have made it a global problem.

Maybe the issue isn’t how people get to work but how they’re entirely reliant one getting the things they need to survive being supplied through unsustainable means.

That is unquestionably the bigger problem, yes.

We really do need to reduce car usage, but that's not something that's easily done by individuals when the cities they live in were designed to be unsustainably car-centric. We've spent about a century accumulating infrastructure debt and there's no quick fix there. For me personally, I would not want to in a city that wasn't walkable and bikeable, and I don't ever want to drive if I can avoid it, but there aren't enough cities like that in the world for everyone to do that. I do what I can in the hope that I will contribute to reaching critical mass. And this strategy is working to a degree -- there's a lot more attention given to city infrastructure today than there was even 10 years ago. There is political pressure locally to redesign cities to be more sustainable, driven by passionate grass-roots efforts. I always promote and vote for transportation alternatives in local elections, which is always a highly divisive topic because oil addiction is pervasive, deep-rooted, and in some places even lionized.

The same argument can be made for a lot of eco-friendly lifestyle choices, like vegetarianism. I'm not a strict vegetarian, but it's really not hard to cut the vast majority of meat out of my diet. I understand that for some people that's not viable, and we don't have the infrastructure for everyone to go veg overnight anyway. So no judgment. It's a drop in the bucket, to be sure, but hey, a drop is better than nothing.

On a larger scale, we have a huge problem with our economic structure. We've chased efficiency year after year, decade after decade, and now we're so gosh-darned efficient that we have little redundancy or resiliency, wealth is hyper-concentrated, and local economies just bleed resources into the void. What would it take to feed a major city without importing food by truck and ship? It's hard to imagine. It would require change at many levels of society, from the personal to the global.

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That would be a somewhat valid argument if Snaps "just worked" any better than Flatpaks. That has not been my experience.

Given the choice between an open standard and a proprietary one, the proprietary one damn well better have meaningful technological advantages. I don't see that with Snaps. All I see is a company pouring effort into a system whose only value is that they are pouring effort into it. They should put that effort into something better.

Granted, it's been a few years since I used Ubuntu and Snaps. Perhaps things have improved. It was nothing but headaches for me. A curse upon whoever decided to package apps that obviously require full file system access as Snaps. "User-friendly", indeed.

From an enterprise/server perspective, when what you're really paying for is first-party support, I guess Snaps make more sense. But again, that effort could be put toward something more useful.

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This chart on Wikipedia sums it up neatly: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_energy_supply_and_consumption#/media/File:Global_Energy_Consumption.svg

You can see that from 2000 to 2021, renewable energy usage grew faster than any other type. However, coal, oil, and gas usage still grew, by a lot (with a couple recent dips that don't appear to constitute a trend yet). Overall energy usage is increasing and that is unlikely to change. For now we're merely slowing the growth of fossil fuel usage. Slowing down is not the same as reversing course.

So yeah, it's true that "more is being done now than ever before", but we're operating from a baseline of nearly zero from 40 years ago. It's easy to grow in proportional terms when you're tiny to begin with.

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If someone posts “[[ $file == *.txt ]]” I’m going to fucking scream because THAT DOES NOT WORK. IT’S NOT VAILD BASH CODE.

This is valid bash code.

Do you understand how string substitution works? In this example, "file" is the name of a variable, and $file substitutes its value. If you have not set the value of file, then it won't work.

Edit: you should, as a rule of thumb, quote your variables. So "$file" instead of just $file. Quoting prevents some weird behavior with whitespace and special characters in the value. But either way, this is valid code and will work in the general case.

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On the one hand, I'm not even running 4K yet, and it is vanishingly unlikely that I will own a >4K display within the lifetime of my PS5, so this makes no difference to me.

On the other hand, I would like to see blatant false advertising punished every time it happens. "Nobody really cares" isn't much of an excuse when they clearly thought people cared enough to put it prominently on the box. Being able to play high-end video 10 years down the line is a legitimate selling point for a gaming console that doubles as media box.

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Regarding lemmy.ml: yes, you should avoid it. It does not make sense to create politically-neutral communities on a politically-oriented instance.

Regarding Dessalines: The great thing about Lemmy is that I don't need to give a shit about the lead developer's politics, because he's not in control of how Lemmy is used, and if he ever tried some kind of heinous cross-instance power grab, it would get shut down before it got started.

Regarding the cognitive dissonance required to A) value decentralization of power, and also B) support the CCP: 🤦

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Am I out of touch with Qualcomm's increasingly confusing naming schemes, or is that awfully expensive for a 7sG2?

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What's this? A software app store?

It's ironic how on Linux, my distro's app repository is always my first stop when looking for software, while on Mac or Windows it's my last resort.

Commercialized app stores are full of spam, and Microsoft and Apple both decided that app store apps should not have the full capabilities of normal apps. It's the exact opposite on Linux.

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Not sure I understand this one. I'm finding it difficult to read this as anything other than "yes, most people understand negation as negation, and not as something entirely different". Are there any languages or cultures where negation is same as inversion?

How would you even invert an adjective that doesn't exist on a one-dimensional scale? For example, good<->bad makes sense, because they are clear opposites. But happy<->sad does not make sense, because emotions don't exist on a single axis and do not have clear opposites. "Not happy" encompasses all states besides happiness. Could be angry, could be sad, could just be neutral. Like the old saying goes, "the opposite of love is not hate; it's indifference".

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Thanks for the recommendation! I was looking at the Fedora family since AMD officially supports RHEL 9. Hadn't gotten as far as to figure out how well that transfers to Fedora and its derivatives. Good to hear that it works.

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If you're only testing on one set of hardware, it isn't going to tell the whole story. The results might be very different on an AMD vs Nvidia GPU, or even on a brand-new vs 1-3 generation old GPU.

Probably the most important thing for gaming is driver support and ease of installation. This sometimes runs directly counter to other general-purpose needs.

I'm still on the hunt for a distro where everything I need is easy to install. I don't think any exist, primarily because GPU drivers suuuuuuuck, especially when you need CUDA or ROCm to work.

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Edit: This appears to have been fixed already with another backend update. Leaving the post below as-is.

Current version in the footer: UI: 0.19.0-rc.11 BE: 0.19.0-rc.10

Starting today, most image thumbnails and pictrs links will not load. I tried clearing cookies and I tried in three different browser engines (Firefox, Chromium, Safari).

If I try to open one of the image URLs directly in my browser, it shows {"error":"auth_cookie_insecure"}.

Interestingly, images will load correctly if I am NOT logged in. Why are the pictrs URLs even checking cookies when they do not require auth? Is that new behavior in this version of Lemmy?

Here is an example post: https://lemmy.sdf.org/post/8482278

And an example direct image URL from that post: https://lemmy.sdf.org/pictrs/image/c8556f4f-d33c-4cac-86f3-975726ea69ec.png

I am interested to know if others are seeing the same issue. I have not exhaustively tested different cookies settings in my browsers, so it's possible some anti-tracking privacy settings are interfering with this behavior.

Worth noting is that the Eternity app on my phone continues to work. I did not even need to log out and back in today, like I did in my browsers.

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Torgal is a good boy (lemmy.sdf.org)
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That is all.

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