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Ah, other commenters beat me to saying what I was going to say regarding the semantics.

But also, it’s a unique artificially created word. Nobody is going to confuse it for anything else (granted, that might get murky with pharmaceuticals). It’s searchable with any piece of software that does simple string matching. Also, it isn’t itself a constituent of some other longer word, which helps with that kind of thing too.

The spelling of the word is also phonetically logical. Being a new artificially created word, they could’ve spelled it however they wanted, but they chose the spelling that reads how it sounds. Very few people are going to hear it spoken and misspell it if they’re typing it into some device.

Yeah.. that sums it up

[-] [email protected] 27 points 3 days ago

“Progynova”.. that’s a really great name. Naming things is hard so I always appreciate a good name when I see one

[-] [email protected] 22 points 5 days ago

I love it when people recreate the same pose for these time jump pics hahaha

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Yes but it doesn’t mean Earth suddenly does a backflip in place in its orbit. Axial tilt and indeed the rotational axis remain unchanged when the magnetic poles flip

The micronova conspiracy people claim that the non-magnetic poles suddenly and abruptly change, as in, the earth suddenly lurches to its side and the new non-magnetic North Pole is in the middle of the Sahara for example (that would be an insane degree of axial tilt lol)

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Oh, I know about these guys. They think that roughly every 10k years or so the sun does a “micronova”. The Earth supposedly absorbs a lot of energy which somehow “unlocks” the crust or something and the poles (and I guess the axial tilt itself?) radically shift in orientation.

They think the CIA and what have you is concealing this, apparently there’s a book called “The Adam and Eve Story” which details the whole thing that the TLAs don’t want anybody reading

Yeah… it’s one of the more complex and involved conspiracy pseudoscience communities out there

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Don’t forget about the mud flood and the faked 500 years or whatever..

I guess this ones creative at least

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But.. where does the cabbage come from o_o

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I do, but that’s mostly because an old boss of mine did it, thought it was hilarious, and now I do too, because of the in joke

Chown, rhymes with bone.

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Ah yes I also call it “Sahtah”. Australian

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“towing my dog with a rope” loool

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Single period usually means drama is happening, for some reason

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