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The outside.

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TL;DR boycott TJ's

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Umm, what's wrong with her office? Why weren't they singing along?!?

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12 noon meetup at the Railyard Water Tower
12:30 Rollout

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How corporate social media's biggest user protest, and exodus, rocked reddit, acccording to corporate media - FTFY

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Nice Try Rudy. Pay your debts.

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Welcome to Christmas Eve in O’ga P’ogeh

Join our Ceasefire Caroling

Scan code or visit: nnmsurj.org/end-palestine-genocide/
For lyrics to sing along!
And info on WHY we are caroling for Ceasefire and an End to Occupation.

Please share on socials and tag @ceasefirecarols @surjnnm @sfjp505

Visit Bethlehem 2023 Art Installation
Christmas Eve ONLY
During the Farolito Walk

Camino Monte Sol (300 block) between Canyon Rd and Acequia Madre

Scan to read artist's statement:

Please share and tag @f1rstse7en, #Bethlehem2023, #BethlehemCanceledChristmas on socials
TAKE ACTION today and every day at uscpr.org/gazacall

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We're riding again! Come all Ye Superheroes! Light up your bikes, finish all your Super Heroic Chores, and Celebrate the Full COLD Moon with us. We'll meet up 7pm at the Railyard Water Tower, and ride around at a social pace. At 7:30 we'll gather up the Loops: Santa Fe riders on The Plaza.

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"They are not women's clothing. I bought them. They are mine." Eddy Izzard

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Have you ever heard of Ranked Choice, or Instant Runoff Voting?

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The beginnings of a list:
"The biggest perpetrators were energy companies like Shell, Exxon Mobil, and Chevron, which were able to enjoy massive profits last year"
If you can find any way to go electric, use petrol less, ride a bike, walk, use a train, avoid a plane, etc, go for it. Prolly the petrol corps won't notice your individual actions, but the carbon you'll keep out of the atmosphere might just help to keep our planet's ecosphere viable.

The Study itself: INFLATION, PROFITS AND MARKET POWER TOWARDS A NEW RESEARCH AND POLICY AGENDA - https://www.ippr.org/files/2023-12/1701878131_inflation-profits-and-market-power-dec-23.pdf - Jeebus, 32 pages!

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Event by Second Thursday Cycle Squad
Meetup at Railyard Water Tower
Duration: 2 hr

The Second Thursday of every month we bike through the city to a different brewery!
December - Second Street Rufina
January - Second Street Railyard
February - Santa Fe Brewing Brakeroom
All riders will get a raffle ticket for a gift card or swag, and REI Bike Tune-Ups!
Rain or shine, meet at 7 PM, ride out around 7:20
Ride distance: 5-8 miles (social pace)

Patterns in Ice (media.kbin.social)
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I really enjoy finding abstract natural patterns in ice in the Wintry season.

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I was given some apricot chutney, and it was so delicious I'm inspired to make some myself. I've done lactofermented things like hot sauce, kraut and kimchi. So I'm curious to access the Group Mind: What are your lactofermented chutney recipes, and tips for lactofermentation? :-D

Sticks Just Work (kbin.social)
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Santos Rugby Annual Turkey Trot is Wednesday, 11/22, 6pm Brakeroom. Costumes preferred. Chug beers and run around Santa Fe like hooligans. (I'll be speed walking, I prefer not to throw up all of the beer I'm drinking)

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I'm not really sure why Russian popular opinion is relevant in this case.

Also, "Surveying public opinion in Russia is complicated, with the Kremlin's war propaganda and fierce repression of anti-war sentiment obscuring the real picture."

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A great opportunity to mention Signal (signal.org) - a free, encrypted text, voice, and videochat app, developed by a foundation dedicated to free and encrypted communication. Let's flood xitter posts with FOSS options, for fun and to prevent xitler's profits.

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Full Moon Super Hero Adult Onesie Bike Ride - 10/28 7pm meetup at the Railyard Water Tower. Light up your bikes! Be ready for a spooky good time as we tour the ancient and scary ruins of Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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Bee Talk & Eco-poetry Workshop
Dr. Olivia Carril and Elizabeth Jacobson

Saturday, September 23, 2023
1:00pm - 2:30pm

Bee Hotel at Santa Fe River
East Alameda and Camino Escondido, Santa Fe, NM 87501

New Mexico is home to over 1000 bee species, ranging from carpenter bees the size of a thumb, to fairy bees the size of an eyelash. All are important pollinators of our diverse native plants, and provide the foundation for healthy and resilient ecosystems. Please join Olivia and Elizabeth by the Santa Fe River for a FREE bee talk and brief exploration of Eco-poetry.



Sponsored by the Santa Fe Public Library


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During the early part of 2020 I moved my classes onto Zoom. Because of this change, I'll be moving my video conferencing elsewhere. What's with companies destroying themselves while attempting to maximize profits. Just another reddifugee on kbin.social. SMH.

FOSS Zoom Alternatives -




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