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Welcome to Christmas Eve in O’ga P’ogeh

Join our Ceasefire Caroling

Scan code or visit: nnmsurj.org/end-palestine-genocide/
For lyrics to sing along!
And info on WHY we are caroling for Ceasefire and an End to Occupation.

Please share on socials and tag @ceasefirecarols @surjnnm @sfjp505

Visit Bethlehem 2023 Art Installation
Christmas Eve ONLY
During the Farolito Walk

Camino Monte Sol (300 block) between Canyon Rd and Acequia Madre

Scan to read artist's statement:

Please share and tag @f1rstse7en, #Bethlehem2023, #BethlehemCanceledChristmas on socials
TAKE ACTION today and every day at uscpr.org/gazacall

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