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All the more reason to get more people to use it.

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Have you tried not emulating the personality of a piece of sand paper? That's super helpful too!

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11: It's the only browser on the market that is not either apple webkit or google chrome based. And it's in our best interest to keep said market healthy, with as many competing actors as possible.

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I LOATHE writing longer texts.

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they got better

[-] [email protected] 3 points 9 hours ago

but it would explain why the error happened

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they were, in all but name.

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Is this your takeaway?

Many of these people have a tough time getting ends to meet economically. Whenever something happens that affects their already shaky bottom line there's going to be anger. Not because they get slightly less rich, but because they feel legitimately existentially threatened.

Of course this is not Ukraines fault. It is however the fault of governments if the bill to support Ukraine economically lands in the knees of the already economically stressed farmers.

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No country is a cohesive mass of likeminded people.

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The quote from Magritte there sums it up quite well.

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This is not a painting

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Reddit used to work like this but nuked it many years ago. I like it because it gives much more information about the consensus at a glance.

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