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Wait, is miracle whip a real thing?! I thought that was just an exaggerated joke

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It depends, since flatpaks are sandboxed, they don't have access to anything by default. The developer can set defaults for what their app is allowed to access and the user can also manually change that. There's also portals, so you can give them access for a file once (e.g. when opening in a file in an app) or allow them to see your screen and so on. There's still a lot of things that don't have portals tho, so flatpaks don't have access to that.

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The democrats are also a right-wing party, just less so than the republicans

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Thanks for telling me, more people answered than I expected

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Yeah, I usually take the 6bit quants, didn't know the difference is that big. That's probably why tho. Unfortunately, almost all Llama3 models are either 8B or 70B, so there isn't really anything in between but I find Llama3 models to be noticeably better than Llama2 models, otherwise I would have tried bigger models with lower quants.

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Is there a noticeable benefit to those apps running natively on Wayland vs running through xWayland?

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340B is fucking huge, holy shit. How big is GPT-4?

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Trust me, YouTube is (or at least was when I was still using the official app) a buggy mess on Android too

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I think that's the one thing Apple did wrong here. The way it seems to work currently, I would have to manually delete the same message from each device one after another. That's stupid.

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I'll look wherever the fuck I want

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Filled out the survey, hope some other people do too. Would be interesting to see how people answered.

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This post reminded me that I also still had Bitcoin that I wanted to swap for Monero. Think I'm gonna wait a bit for the Trump supporters to buy in, they'll just do whatever he says without a second thought.

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Alternative Piped link: https://piped.adminforge.de/watch?v=OM_RBwsqmUY

This text post should also contain pretty much the same information as the video: https://osu.ppy.sh/home/news/2024-06-10-the-nat-gazette-june-2024

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The reason why was explained in my earlier post

It's here now: [email protected]

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I switched from lemmy.ml to discuss.tchncs.de but this community is still on lemmy.ml. I'm thinking of recreating this community on discuss.tchncs.de, where I'm now, because apparently there's still bugs when moderating a community that's on a different instance. Do you think I should recreate it there?

I did: [email protected]

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I installed a GRUB theme and changed some options in the config but now I need to run update-grub (alias for grub2-mkconfig -o /etc/grub2-efi.cfg) after every kernel update or else that new kernel version won't boot. Does anybody know a fix for this?

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I recently found out that instead of just using online sources, you can also use something you can host yourself, like Komga, in Mihon. I'm just wondering if there's an advantage to it that I didn't think of because the only things I can think of are:

  • Progress is synced over multiple devices
  • Online sources can suddenly go offline, your self-hosted service won't
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And there's global free leech while signups are open

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And there's global free leech while signups are open

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I have a Nothing Phone 1 but unfortunately, no one's currently maintaining it. I was thinking of doing it myself but I don't really know where to start. Would be great if you could give me some pointers.

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