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One way or another, I think they'll figure it out after the hot part.

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People can surprise you sometimes, it's one of our superpowers.

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No no, of course they are.

You see, the trick is spending more money for the same parts: It warps reality and makes them better because you believe it does.

It's like when orks paint things red in WH40K and it makes them go faster.

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Testing it out along different terrains, including busy roads and country lanes, this content creator put the Porsche e-bike through its paces

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Motherfucker, what do you think has been happening for years???

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You're not classified as human?

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All of my friends are apex predators. Most of my family too (except for the dogs).

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Hard shell: Moar fiber

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I always thought their bikes were kinda ugly, same for Birdbike. Glad to see the people who bought their bikes aren't gonna get screwed though, I heard VanMoof used/uses a lot of proprietary parts.

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VanMoof's new co-CEO will be pedalling into TNW Conference on June 20 to discuss how to bring a struggling startup back from the brink.

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Definitely in the US. Enjoy your hassle free medication!

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I recently had the chance to attend Micromobility Europe 2024, the latest industry tradeshow promoting the proliferation of right-sized personal...

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The company's first product with carbon fiber also brings a carbon belt for easier maintenance, a torque sensor for instant assistance, and the sleekest, most e

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Honda has released its roadmap for the transition from gasoline-powered to electrics and that includes saying goodbye to your gas bikes.

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This big beast even has removable plastic fairings to protect the frame.

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In what could likely be a sign of continued overstocking issues in the North American electric bike industry, Ride1Up has...

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If you don't want a part of your body to get sore, then that part shouldn't be pushing against something that doesn't move along with it. That's the thinking behind the vabsRider bicycle saddle, the two sides of which pivot in time with your pedaling.

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by Kevin Cody E-bike rentals in Hermosa Beach must be equipped with geofencing devices that disable pedal assist motors when ridden on The Strand, Pier Plaza and the Greenbelt under an emergency…

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This past week, I attended the Micromobility Europe event in Amsterdam, where I saw many familiar company faces and several...

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When I recently took a trip to China to see the world of electric micromobility, I was greeted with a...

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