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Hired goons?

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Most sports activities are not daily. My kids go to training twice a week (one in the weekend) and music lessons once a week. They still find time to game online with their friends, as they should. I'm sure it's not the same everywhere but I don't get the sense my kids are super stressed.

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Lone voice of reason being drowned out by the baying mob. Thanks for trying.

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Playing the republicans' game doesn't give us a chance to win. It ends up in the board getting flipped and that, in the end, is what they want.

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I can appreciate that sentiment but at the same time it'd be hard to swallow if I were Ukrainian and the Russians were at this very moment killing my countrymen while my ally invites them over for tea. It's one thing to let go of the past, quite another to let go of the present.

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Other people have already explained why but let me just add my "you're a despicable moron" to the pile here.

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Blasting is all fine and good but they should've slammed them really.

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I think it's probably true that he originally did his little insufferable racist act for money. But play the part long enough and it rubs off.

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Adhdinos has basically 3 jokes that it recycles infinitely. Which makes sense I guess.

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Greeted with? So before anyone saw the movie? Seems a bit silly.

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The most elaborate space sim ever made is getting another expansion/update, most likely early in the new year. Full announcement on Youtube tomorrow Dec 20th at 16:00 CET.

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