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And the best possible outcome is they contact you and buy it for some much larger amount than you paid for it.

I wouldn’t touch this with a 10 foot pole. Squatting on domains that contain a trademark with the purpose of forcing a company to pay you out for it is illegal. There would need to be intent, but just going to court over something like that would NOT be worth it.

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I had a similar thing happen where my last name was also part of a trademark for a huge institution. As soon as I registered a domain with the name in it, I got an email from their legal department demanding I forfeit the domain to them or they would take legal action.

I replied that the domain was my surname, and that it wasn’t being used commercially at all, much less in the industry they’re in, and I actually got an email back saying they’d back off as long as I didn’t try to pull any funny business.

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If you get yourself into a private community gym instead of Planet Fitness, you’ll realize how real this is.

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You don’t think a “former” agent of the U.S. government agency with the explicit purpose of information gathering having a position of control in a private company with the explicit purpose of information gathering, might have a vested interest in that position beyond paying the bills? I suppose you think the corporate telco/isp lobbyists getting jobs at the FCC is all on the up and up as well.

Geez talk about naive. What is it that you think can’t happen?

I love the ongoing illogical downplaying you keep doing too. “Dead drop microfilm” lmao. How overdramatic.

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Help is on the way, dear!

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Nope, most people do have unlimited data plans. And unless you live in some tiny, mountainous, Eastern European backwater, the plans aren’t actually that expensive either. And even if you truly are a time traveler from the year 2002 like you appear to be, and you have an incredibly limited 5GB data plan, you’ll be happy to know that even if you reach your data cap, you will still have data connectivity enough to use RCS without issue. All that happens when you “run out” of data on phone plans is you’re throttled down to a slower speed that is still more than sufficient to sent text messages over RCS.

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It’s not worse than SMS in any fashion. Just like SMS, RCS will tell you when your text is actually delivered. You will never assume somebody received something that they didn’t. Furthermore RCS offers read receipt functionality which will additionally let you know your message was read. SMS is not capable of that.

RCS also lets you actually send media to your contacts, like photos and videos without horribly mangling them with compression.

And as for having no data connection, your phone will fall back to SMS same as iMessages do. Which shouldn’t be at all necessary as most people have unlimited data plans and even when throttled RCS has such a small footprint you shouldn’t have any trouble.

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Or not have the website listen on port 80, or redirect connections from http to https on connect. Lots of very simple ways to correct this problem.

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Not a “high up employee”, the director of the NSA. The United States premier agency for gathering information on American Citizens. And he’s not “going to work for” OpenAI he’s joining as a board member of a company that’s one of the United States premier private companies for gathering information from American citizens.

That’s a whole hell of a lot of overlap, especially considering your suspicious attempt to downplay not only this connection, but the role of the man himself.

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That’s what it’s called. Linode is gone my friend. It’s time to say goodbye.

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Your browser is redirecting, the site is not.

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It’s because you linked to the site using http://. This is something the site should account for, but doesn’t.

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Homebox is the inventory and organization system built for the Home User! With a focus on simplicity and ease of use, Homebox is the perfect solution for your home inventory, organization, and management needs. While developing this project I've tried to keep the following principles in mind:

Simple - Homebox is designed to be simple and easy to use. No complicated setup or configuration required. Use either a single docker container, or deploy yourself by compiling the binary for your platform of choice. Blazingly

Fast - Homebox is written in Go which makes it extremely fast and requires minimal resources to deploy. In general idle memory usage is less than 50MB for the whole container.

Portable - Homebox is designed to be portable and run on anywhere. We use SQLite and an embedded Web UI to make it easy to deploy, use, and backup.

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This update is effectively the public version of Developer Update 4, which contains actual details about the changes: https://www.macrumors.com/2023/07/26/everything-new-in-ios-17-beta-4/


“ What’s important to note is that this list is identical to those of the Facebook and Instagram apps. So if you use these other Meta products, you’ve already surrendered this information to the company.”

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