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You can always count on a demented righty, often an off-duty cop, to show up dressed as a lefty to light a fire, break a window, or shoot someone. That's why they're always using that exact accusation against leftists, because they're actually doing it.

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He literally just got the endorsement of one of the biggest trade unions in the world, who said he does more than any other president for the workers. It's pretty early for endorsements, maybe you'll be right, but we'll have to wait to see.

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No, you're confused, bro. ‘Liberal’ is both a political identifier people use for themselves and others, and a series of policies and political ideals. Neoliberalism is a series of economic policies practiced by conservatives, regardless of the (D) or (R) next to their names. If we were going to describe someone as a neoliberal, which people generally do not, the person being described would be almost the exact opposite of someone who would be described as liberal. The thing you said about being fiscally one way and socially another isn't the definition of neoliberalism, that's just an old line people say when they're ashamed of being conservative and don't want to come off dumb.

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Neoliberal economic policies have nothing to do with liberal social policies. They are as linked as the German Nationalist Socialist Party was to socialist economic policies. Whenever these two words come up, someone invariably links the two as though they are spiritual cousins, and I don't like that. It should be very clearly stated each time these words are conflated, or compared, that neoliberalism ~~liberal~~, and that people who would describe themselves as liberal are entirely against neoliberal economic policies, which are largely carried out by corrupted politicians on both sides of the political aisle. Lest we mince words; neoliberals are at the opposite end of the political spectrum to liberals.

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Not trying to be a smart ass here, but why are you certain this could not be hard water deposits? That was actually my very first thought looking at the photo, as I also have hard water, and sometimes see this with calcium on strawberry leaves, and on dried dishes after hand-washing them and leaving them to air dry. If it's mildew, spider mites, or something similar, you can try methods such as spray on neem oil, or a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution to eradicate the disease without harming to plant. Best of luck whatever the case may be for you.

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Tell us you don't know what "neoliberal" means without telling us.

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“Sometimes the way he may carry himself in public leaves something to be desired. At the same time, I can relate to sometimes being a bit unfiltered,” she said. “I see him speak to a lot of people in America. I think there is something to be said about that."

Seems like even the ones who don't like him, still get the appeal. I can't see it personally, call me crazy.

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You absolutely can, and should, hold liars accountable. The "don't hate the player, hate the game" excuse simply doesn't fly for everything.

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He's immune to factual criticism, because righties live and die in their own fantasy land; where bad is good (as long as they're doing it).

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Republican politicians are responsible for this, nobody else.

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Farmers with AK-47s and punji pits beat our army. Not to mention our military members mostly prefer not killing us for oligarchs. But yeah, let's pretend I didn't preface that with the suggestion of utilizing labour movements.

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The Germans during WWII actually were referring to nationality when talking about race, so that one slides believe it or not.

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