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All good :P It definitely has a learning curve, especially if you're not used to lispy syntax

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Very fair point, thanks for your feedback! We'll definitely try to be more transparent in the future. In this case, I think what happened is that none of the mods saw the existing lemmy.ml instance as something that actually was large enough to matter or that was ever official, so from our view this was less "moving to another instance" than it was "we'll start out on lemmy.world, those of you that already gathered on lemmy.ml on their own, here's your FYI that we won't be going there".

I can definitely see how it came across differently, and how we might have underestimated the connection people already felt to the lemmy.ml instance. Sorry for that!

(Also a quick note: It'd have been more or less impossible to have this poll on reddit because mentioning lemmy would be likely to give reddit enough reason to yeet the existing team -- thus discord is/was the only other official channel of communication. However, even there, we didn't really make this much of a public discourse, thus this is more of a sidenote than an actual defense)

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Don't know the details, javacafe is still in our discord server over at https://discord.gg/unixporn. I don't know about the others either, but I guess we'll see if they move over here or stay on reddit. Reddit isn't dead yet either, and the reddit moderator team hasn't abandoned it. Only time will tell how the future looks.

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He is, as far as I'm aware he is so alright and safe that he managed to have a life outside of his computer now.... It's so sad, I know. I also miss funny pacman ghost man

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Note that this is also being discussed over on the [email protected] instance here

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Not quite: The people are free to not follow us, if they have some reason to not trust the team anymore. It's just that where ever they go instead wouldn't have the same team behind it.

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I appreciate your feedback, genuinely. Please don't read the following as me saying you're "wrong" -- I think this is a matter of perspective.

I fully agree: without the community, "unixporn" means nothing. But there is a community. There are people that appreciate the rules and moderation-style we have been providing over the last few years. We're definitely not perfect, far from it. But we do try to do our best to use our experiences, connections and understanding of the broader ricing community to create a place where creativity can flourish, interesting projects can happen, and people can have meaningful exchanges.

A "brand" in this context, for me, links to the atmosphere and main goals of the community, it is related to the style of moderation that is happening in there. Our "brand" is representative of the trust the current community has in our moderation decisions. We, as a team, "own" that trust by the community, and thus have an obligation to do what we think is right for the community.

No project, not even an open-source one, works without maintainers. You have to have some entity overlooking changes, steering the project. Some entity with a vision. When people sufficiently disagree with the vision or style of management by that maintainer-team, that's when a fork happens. If you dislike the way the community works right now, dislike the way moderation is done, then that's when a new community should start. Clearly, some people do appreciate the current unixporn, so if a new community came up with a sufficiently different style, we'd potentially not even have much overlap in userbase. I'm all for a wider range of people getting into the hobby.

Open-source is not anarchy, it's open collaboration.

We could have most likely handled opening a lemmy community a bit better, I agree. However, I find petty protests to be a questionable response to that, and would rather you continue providing your actual opinions in a format like you just did, helping us do what the community wants and helping to keep us as a community together.

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I am, thanks! And I like yuck :(

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As Stardust-kyun stated, we're somewhat sceptical of the stability and the administration of the lemmy.ml instance, and moving here seemed like a good choice. I also personally doubt that we'll have much difficulty growing this community to a similar size as the existing lemmy.ml one, as this one will be advertised on reddit. We'd rather go here where we have more confidence in the instance being a good choice now, before telling the subreddit that a lemmy exists now

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StardustKyun is a moderator of this community

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We're happy to see any community around ricing, desktop customization, linux and art pop up, no matter where or how! However, "unixporn" is not the name of a category of community, it's the name and "brand" (if you wanna call it that) of one specific community, managed by a specific set of people. Practically, I assume we couldn't really prevent you from starting your own thing and also calling it "unixporn", as we haven't actually registered any trademark (and I don't think we'd wanna do that, either). However, things such as the logo do have copyrights attached to them, and the current team has explicit permission to use that branding which unrelated communities wouldn't.

We're not "telling the community what to do", we're telling the people where we plan to continue the community in an official manner.

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Hello, this is my formal application for the position of moderator of the unixporn community on lemmy.world. I have lots of previous experiences with being inactive on reddit, so I should be perfect for the job! I also have a rust job, if that matters.

Thanks for considering my application.

UwU, ElKowar :3

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