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[-] Draconic_NEO 3 points 1 day ago

Ceiling fan is going and a regular fixture put in instead. This seems like a closet or storage room anyway (there are no windows), no real need for a fan like that in a space like this.

[-] Draconic_NEO 10 points 1 day ago

You will likely hear the fan tear itself apart from outside of the room, such an event is absolutely loud enough to be heard from outside the door, plus the fact that the little bits of fan that are left afterwards will probably continue spinning and likely bumping into the ceiling (if it's hanging from the wires).

[-] Draconic_NEO 2 points 2 days ago

Also depending on what it is responding can just make you into a target for harassment when/if that person comes back on a different account. Best to just avoid it and not make yourself known to them.

[-] Draconic_NEO 1 points 2 days ago

If you have that happen to you I recommend reaching out via DM either to your instance's admins or the admins of the server their community is on. Give them the context of the report and also explain how that mod reacted. If a mod acts like that they are very likely an abusive moderator, so make sure to let admins know about that.

[-] Draconic_NEO 2 points 2 days ago

I don't and will not use blocking for users basically for that reason, it doesn't actually solve anything it's just pretending things are okay for you when they aren't for everyone else. It's probably the reason why reporting doesn't happen as much as it should.

Even in harassment it is particularly useless because even though you stop seeing them and getting notifications they can continue replying in your threads, they can even use that to turn people against you. If it at least prevented posting and commenting on your profile I'd use it in those situations, but as it stands it doesn't, so it's useless to me, because if somebody is harassing me, the last thing I want to do is hide them while allowing them to keep harassing me, it gives them mote opportunities to cause trouble and removes my opportunity to report them for that trouble.

[-] Draconic_NEO 2 points 2 days ago

Ah I see. That makes sense.

[-] Draconic_NEO 4 points 3 days ago

I guess that makes sense, I don't really get why it needs a separate word though.

[-] Draconic_NEO 7 points 3 days ago

Yeah they're definitely giving egg_irl vibes, I don't know what femcel is though, is that something else like egg_irl?

[-] Draconic_NEO 5 points 3 days ago

Also ways to disable the call recording prompt they forced into it. They force that even in one party regions where you can record your own calls without needing permission from the other person.

[-] Draconic_NEO 9 points 5 days ago

Also pronouns aren't necessarily dependent on gender, they're dependent on the person's pronoun preferences. Even someone who seems like they might use a specific set of pronouns based on their gender might use a different set of pronouns, as an example I knew someone who is a demiboy and they go by any pronouns.

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[-] Draconic_NEO 5 points 5 days ago

Which doesn’t make sense. Therefore my confusion.

There are people who do not identify as having a gender, this is commonly referred to as "Agender". People who identify as Agender may not identify with the concept of gender, some may attempt to present gender neutral, while others may not make an effort to present any specific way. It's one of the many NonBinary identities, that is people who don't identify as exclusively male or female. I can understand though that for some it might be confusing as it has only been receiving mainstream recognition relatively recently.

[-] Draconic_NEO 2 points 5 days ago

Yeah this meme as well as the original bear one were meant to be divisive and make people angry. That's the point of these kinds of memes, they're not really meant to be intelligent, they're meant to stir up drama and make people fight.

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